• Ellie Stennett


Hey all, my name is Ellie and I'm new to this blogging world. Ever since I was a little jelly bean I have been obsessed with our furry friends and I do not think it is fair that it's 2016 and we are STILL using tiny, cute animals to test our cosmetics. What is the point? So many people claim to love dogs, cats, bunnies, ect, but they still buy makeup and beauty products from brands which are well known for animal testing! This is upsetting. There are so many cruelty free and vegan brands out there which are a better in every which way possible, including price.

I will be posting a new blog post every week from reviews on eyeshadow palettes to bath bombs, fake tan to fake eyelashes. These posts will try to be as accurate and cruelty free/vegan as possible (but we all know how sneaky and sly some companies can be when it comes to admitting the truth.) I hope to learn a lot from this blog, but my primary goal is to spread the word on how important it is to shop cruelty-free and vegan brands. Even if I change one persons opinion then I class that as a win.

Enjoy the blog and if you have any product or brand suggestions please, please, please let me know in the comments below and i shall review them for you!

- E x