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It takes me days, even weeks, to chose the perfect eyeshadow palette. Like... a common mistake of mine is buying a palette because I like a couple of shades, not all of them. I end up only using a certain couple of shades and when they run out I just bin the whole thing; a complete and utter waste with a capital W! During one of my long and intense research sessions I stumbled across Morphe Brushes and instantlyyyy fell in love. They have a huge range of products, although my favourite has to be the PRO makeup palettes. There is such a wide range of shades and combinations from warm, natural shades to insanely bright!

Personally, I'm a more warm and natural palettes kind of lass so I went for the Morphe 35K Koffee Palette, £19.95 (Beauty Chamber) and I regret nothing. At first I was a bit unsure about the blue-ish tones as blue has never really been my colour, but blended with some of the darker, more grey-like tones, it was an absolute winner! and don't even get me started on the natural tones, they are a gift from the Gods! All of the colours blend super smoothly and are extremely pigmented!

During my research I found that Morphe is not listed on any cruelty-free make up websites, nor is it stated on their official website that they are cruelty-free. I had read on forums that Morphe was cruelty-free, but obviously I wanted to be 100% sure. I emailed them and this was their response:

Although these PRO makeup palettes aren't vegan they are still cruelty-free which is a lot better than some makeup brands!

What did I used before?

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2. I found the eyeshadows kind of...slipped off throughout the day. I would start a shift at work with PENG eye makeup, but by the end it would had smudged and come off. I stopped using this palette after I found out that Urban Decay's parent company is L'Oreal, which tests on animals and I didn't feel comfortable with this. Making the switch to the Morphe PRO palette was incredible and the quality, variety and price are SO much better than Urban Decay's.

Are they cruelty-free/vegan?

Although these PRO palettes aren't vegan, they are cruelty-free, which is a lot better than most make up brands!

Would I buy these again?

I can say with absolute certainty that when my current palettes runs out I will be purchasing a new one straight away!

Have you tried any Morphe products? How did you find them? Let me know in the comments below x

Thanks so much for reading, if you have any suggestion for future reviews or about my blog please get in contact. Until next time,

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