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Matte lipsticks have become extremely popular recently and I'm not surprised as to why; they are ridiculously attractive! A friend of mine sent me the link to the Lime Crime website and straight away I was hooked. 'Lime Crime | Makeup for Unicorns' like honestly, who wouldn't be hooked at that?! The best part about Lime Crime is that the brand is both cruelty-free and vegan which is stated on their official website. They are certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny as well!

The Lime Crime Velvetines Matte Lispsticks caught my attention straight away and without hesitation I added 5 in my basket. The tones I went for were:






(Top left - bottom right)


This has to be my favourite shade. I recently discovered that darker shades of lipsticks suit me best, but I also love a cheeky natural tone which means CASHMERE was the perfect shade for me. The grey-beige tones make it a perfect shade for everyday, but it can also look on pooooint when you're going on a night out!


Like I said before, darker shades of lipstick suit me better and you can't get a darker tone than black. I have always wanted a black lipstick, but never had the courage get one. I always thought 'I need some serious balls to wear this out in public', but then I thought sod it. It is deffoooo one of my favourites! Whack this lipstick with a black choker and some simple classic winged eyeliner and you've got yourself a grunge look to dieeee for!


Yet another dark shade (I'm addicted.) Usually I would never go for a dark purple tone, but this one just called out my name. The first time I wore this shade out I got quite a few compliments on it, but every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I just thought 'ugh'. I did nooooot feel on fleek (lol) wearing JINX, the shade didn't suit me well at all. One thing I did find with this shade is if I made a mistake when applying, it was impossible to get off. It would stain my skin and make my lips look super sore and swollen, not really the look I was going for. You can see in the swatch how dry and set it is on my lips.


This blood-red shade is very 'out-there' for me. There's one reason why I don't wear red-toned lipsticks too often: 1) my lips are too small. Red lipsticks ALWAYS make my lips look non-existent. However, with this shade it's just dark enough to suit me and not minimalism the size of my lips! This shade is a winner in my opinion! Simplistic, or even no, eye shadow and a classic flicked eyeliner is always a good choice when it comes to red lipsticks!


OK, so this one breaks the 'I only go for dark-toned lipstick' pattern. BLEACHED is a peachy-nude tone which gives an extremely innocent appeal. The only problem I found with this shade is maybe its too natural, I could hardly see it on my lips. Although, I do find this shade perfect for those days were I wanna give my lips a break and make my eye makeup centre stage on my face because the tone is just so neutral. A subtle lippy now and again isn't a bad thing.

Any flaws?

I can only pick up on two flaws with these matte lipsticks:

1) Some shades are too dry and very uncomfortable to wear at times. I always ended up wiping mine off after about an hour or so and having to re-apply it. This happened a lot with JINX, WICKED and even CASHMERE.

2) They come off so easily. It always left an outline around the outside of my lips. It honestly looked like I'd applied lipliner, but forgot to pop the lipstick on top. Not a good look. Even if you try to top them up, it seemed to layer up and get thicker, but would flake off even more obviously. However, unless you have mastered the art of eatting and drinking without smudging your lippy, I think this flaw is kind of unavoidable.

I am a really big fan of Lime Crime, I think they're collections are incredible. They provide for those with an extremely colourful, 'out-there' style as well as those with a dark, grungy style, like myself. It's just the wear on some of the lipsticks which lets it down, and this is kind of the primary function people look for in a good lipstick.

What did I use before?

For liquid matte lipsticks I used to use NYX liquid suede and the lingerie collection... until I found out that their parent company is L'Oreal. L'Oreal are well known for animal testing and although NYX are cruelty-free.

Are they cruelty-free/vegan?

Lime Crime Velvetines Matte Lipsticks are both cruelty-free and vegan!

Would I buy these again?

Honestly, yes. I probably could find another cruelty-free and vegan matte lipstick, but there is something about Lime Crime which keeps dragging me back. I really do love the unique collections and shades though... maybe it's just my lips they have trouble staying on.

Have you tried the Lime Crime Velvetines Matte Lipsticks? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below x

Thankyou for reading and I'll see you next week,

- E x

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