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First things first, SUPER sorry for the double Lime Crime blog post... or maybe I planned it? (I deffo didn't) BUT a few days after my last blog post these absolute BEAUTIESSSSSS were released, Lime Crime Velvetine Metallics. I'd known about them for a while and the second they were available on the Lime Crime website, I was ON IT with that speedy purchasing, felt like a right fan girl (is that really sad? Hell no.) I think we all need to take a step back and realise that metallic is the new matte; lets embrace it, not fight it!

These metallic lipsticks are completely opposite to the liquid matte ones on soooOooo many different levels:

- TEXTURE: the metallic collection is extremely creamy and soft to apply to your lips compared to the matte lipsticks where some were dry and uncomfortable.

- SCENT: omggggggg, the smell is by FAR one of the sweetest and most enticing scents I've ever known! With the smell, colour and texture combined its basically like applying melted ice cream onto your lips, minus the stickiness.

- WEAR: The wear is ridiculously impressive which is shocking due to some of the matte lipsticks being so easy to come off. I can go to work for 10 hours, running around in a busy pub, drinking and eating food throughout the day and the lipstick will STILLLL look like I've just popped it on. How many lipsticks can you say that about? Hardly any. Getting these bad boys to come off is a challenge in its self. When it comes to the end of the day and you just wanna take off the cake, these lippys are not budging. In some ways they're a blessing and a curse!

- PIGMENT: I can't really compare the matte lipsticks and the metallic lipsticks because matte ones obviously don't really have a pigment. What I will say is when Lime Crime say metallic, they don't mess around. You can clearly see the metal resemblance within the swatches. The shine is blinding.

They have only released three shades and obviously I got them all (wouldn't have been a very good blog post if I only got 1 or 2, now would it?) The shades are:




(Left - Right)


Purple definitely is not my shade. Seriously though I look like Joey from Friends in his Japanese lipstick advert (if you haven't watched it then shame on you). However, I really love this shade in metallic, I would never have gone for such a light tone if this was in matte or gloss. I think I would still wear this metallic lipstick to a party or a night out to be more daring and turn a few heads in the process, but I could never see myself wearing this particular shade on an everyday occasion.


This was the first shade which really intrigued me. Not going to lie I was really disappointed with this one, the swatch doesn't really do it justice because it actually looks nice here. In person, its SO metallic that it looks like I've just got my liquid highlighter and rubbed it on my lips then topped it off with some more highlighter. Pink has never really been a shade which suited me well, although I love the peachy tones which shine through in certain lighting. I've been told it looks nice and maybe it just takes some getting used to, but I don't feel this light of a tone, especially in metallic, suits me.


As we all know, I'm a HUGE fan of dark lipsticks. I wear this shade ALL time! You would think because the tone is so dark that it would be difficult to notice the metallic finish, but you would be wronger than a tomato sauce sandwich. Unlike MERCURY or BLONDIE, the metallic aspect is not too 'in your face'; its very subtle unless you really concentrate on it. I always wear this shade to work and hardly anyone blinks an eye at it, until they see that metallic shineeee, then they're all over it like a moth to a flame! I will say I think LANA (velvetines metallic lipstick) has replaced CASHMERE (velvetines matte lipstick) as my go to, number one lippy, I seriously can not get enough of this one!

I've said before I am a mahoooosive fan of Lime Crime and I swear they're collections get more unique and fabulous every time, really excited to see what they release next! I think it's really amazing too that I'm a gally of simplistic and minimalistic tastes, but Lime Crime, in a way, forces me to be a bolder and more confidence lass just by adding an interesting lipstick, or any other makeup product for that matter, to my makeup bag. What makes it 100x better is that they are cruelty-free AND vegan! People always ask me like 'no lipstick that good can be vegan'... erm honey, vegan makeup is the best makeup.

Any flaws?

To be honest, I can't find any major flaws with the lipsticks themselves. I would really like to see this metallic range actually have more of a 'range' though... three shades just is noooot enough. Although, they are new and bold collection so I never expected like 20 shades to come out at once, so I'll let this one slide.

What did I use before?

Nothing metallic. This is a very rare thing for me to own, but I'm sure if more cruelty-free and vegan make up brands released metallic ranges I will be all over that! But I also think I've got to stay true to the original collection by Lime Crime because bae.

Are they cruetly-free/vegan?

YESSSS, Lime Crime are completely cruelty-free and vegan and it's amazinnnnggggggggggg!

Would I buy these again?

Probably not MERCURY or BLONDIE, but I know the second I see LANA getting low I'll be straight on the Lime Crime website adding about 10 to my basket. Also, who wouldn't love getting the cute AF box it comes in?! Unicorns in a love heart... I mean, is there really anything else you could want from some packaging? No.

Have you got any metallic lipsticks that you're in love with? Let me know in the comments below x

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next week,

-E x

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