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I think we can all agree life is sooooo much better with a tan! But, with summer coming to an end and no sign of a holiday anytime soon (due to my last year at university - SCARY!), I'm going to have to settle for faking it. My best friend has always tried to get me to fake tan saying "it will really suit you", but first time tanning is scary for anyone I think. All I could think of was what could go wrong:

- "what if I look orange?"

- "what if it smells?"

- "do I tan my face as well?" (this is a legit question I asked my manager once... fml.)

SOOOO obviously, me being me, I did days of research into cruelty-free fake tans and, to be honest, I was actually really surprised at how many fake tan brands are cruelty-free. I mean, come on, the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'cruelty-free' isn't usually fake tan. Makeup, body lotions and LUSH products definitely, but never fake tan! During my google sesh, I stumbled across Freshly Baked London fake tans and it was incredible! Legit hooked straight away! They do a MANGO scented fake tan... MANGO!

Freshly Baked London has a wide variety of scented fake tans from mango to baby powder and they're all at a really affordable price (£12.95, Beauty Bay)! Most fake tans seem to be so expensiveeeeeee and ain't nobody got time for thaaaaaat. As far as I'm aware all the tans are the same and its more about how long you leave the tan on for and whether you want to double up after the first application for a darker tan.

Although I was super nervous to fake tan for the first time, I was also really excited and just wanted to crack on so I purchased 3 scents! I went for:

Sweet Coconut


Vanilla Cream

First impressions are always important and the first impression you get from these fake tans is that the bottles have the most beautifully simplistic design which I absolutely adore! I didn't imagine the bottles to be as big as they were, I pictured them to be so much smaller due to the pricing, but I can tell you that these bad boys are gunna be lasting me till around new years, no exaggeration!

I followed the steps on the bottle like it was the damn bible:

1) Shave and exfoliate

Really focus on rougher areas like elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles. You do not want it gathering up in certain areas and it looking patchyyyyy! I used LUSH Rub Rub Rub exfoliating shower scrub to do this, works a treat!

2) Dark clothing

Do you really want your new white clothing getting stained? We get enough of that when we try clothes on in a shop just to notice a big, orange foundation stain around the collar, lets not repeat this. I chose a simple pair of black shorts and a plain black vest top, nothing special. I also laid down a black bath towel to sit on, just to be extra safe.


So, my first thought when the mousse came out of the bottle was 'oh my lord' because it was SO dark (I did have a little google and all fake tans looked like this at first so it was all A-OK.)

I threw it onto my leg and got the ball rolling. THE SMELL, lordy lord, it was coconutty! After a while the smell started to remind me of coconut biscuits, made me kind of hungry...

When I first applied the tan, I felt that it was so orange, but looking back it was my first time tanning so anything would have worried me. When I got into the swing of things I could actually see myself with a really even, golden tan!

4) Hands, feet and face

These were the areas that scared me the most. I've seen people walking around with bright orange hands and feet then a pale face, not the best look. I asked a lot of people for advice on what they do when it comes to fake tanning their face; I got answers like 'don't do it, just use bronzer to match your skin when doing your makeup' (erm, nope), 'just apply it like normal' (but then what about foundation? I'll have two different tones of skin?!)

The number 1 tip I received was mixing your fake tan with moisturiser to light it up. I applied a small amount of tan to my mitt and mixed it with some body lotion and popped it on my face, hands and feet.

5) Washing it off

I washed the tan off after about 4 hours as I only wanted a light-golden tan. Recently, I've started leaving it on for about 6-8 hours, or even over night if I'm feeling extra pale! Obviously, when it is washed off your water is going to turn brown and I was really worried it would stain the shower floor, but praise the heavens it didn't!

6) Outcome

Lets just say I now fake tan with Freshly Baked London around once a week, maybe more if I'm going on a night out or just want to feel extra pretty. The tan was incredibly golden, no orange at all! The coconut smell still lingered around on my skin! It was so even and looked natural, like I'd just stepped of the beaches in Spain! All around a really good fake tan!

(Before tanning - after tanning)

I repeated these steps with both VANILLA CREAM and AMARETTO and the smell is so delightful and sweet, I can't get enough! At first I thought VANILLA CREAM would be too sweet and make me feel sick, but I could not have been more wrong; it's a light pleasant scent which kind of merges into the smell of a vanilla biscuit. AMARETTO I legit thought would smell of alcohol (stupid moments), but obviously amaretto is almonds and OMG I just walk around smelling like an almond biscuit, I love it!

Any flaws?

I can only pick out on one flaw which is, although they last around 3-5 days, they sweat off really easily. I remember walking around London at the end of August and literally peeling the tan off my chest. You could clearly see the difference between fake tan and my pale skin when I was walking around, wasn't ideal.

THEN again, I've read a lot of reviews of different fake tans and sweating it off is a common, unavoidable problem I think.

What did I use before?

None, Freshly Baked London were my first fake tanning experience!

Are they cruelty-free/vegan?

They are cruelty-free which is stated on their website as well as on their bottles! However I do not think they are vegan as they do not state on their website. I will email them for confirmation on this!

Would I use these again?

Without a doubt! I would 100% use these again! The sweating off aspect did annoy me though, but like I said I think this is pretty unavoidable. I could never imagine myself using, and sticking to, another fake tan. Where else are you going to get WATERMELON scented fake tan? I seriously need to try them all and reccomend you do too!

Have you got any favourite fake tans? Or have you tried any of Freshly Baked London fake tans? Do you have a favourite scent? Let me know in the comments below! x

Thankyou for reading and I'll see you next week,

- E x

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