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Say yes to YES To Inc.

YES To caught my eye a few months before this blog was even born, but the only place I could find them was ASOS or Boots. This obviously isn't a bad thing because it is an American brand, but if you have a little nosey around the American YES To website they have SooOooo many more products than the UK YES To website which really bums me out 'cause they just look so incredible and natural! I want to try them ALL! I even emailed them about getting these products into the UK and in their response they seemed really excited to do so, so hopefully I can whack out a post on that soon (fingers crossed!)

YES To is Leaping Bunny certified which means they are completely cruelty-free (yaaaaay!) BUT WAIT, YES To is also vegaaaaaan (double yaaaaaaaaay!) Seriously, could it get better? Ermmmm, YES. They have a wide, I'm talking wider than I am after eating my Nans Sunday dinner, range of collections for all skin types at such a good price!

We've got:

Yes To Blueberries - Fine lines, wrinkles and frizzy hair

Yes To Grapefruit - Uneven skin tone

Yes To Tomato - Combination and acne-prone skin

Yes To Cucumber - Sensitive skin and normal-to-fine hair

Yes To Coconut - Dry skin and hair

Yes To Carrots - Normal-to-dry skin and hair

One thing I absolutely adored about these Yes To products before I even used them was the packaging. They're whacked out some pretty good banter under 'directions'. It's always a positive when a company has a good sense of humour, just kind of sets the tone of the company, doesn't it? I love it!

Yes to Blueberries Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner I have a lions mane for hair, super thick (seriously do not look at old pictures of me, it's like 99% hair.) So, getting frizzy hair is such a big issue for me and almost all of the shampoos and conditioners I've tried just don't solve anything, but I thought I'd give the Yes To one a try and maybe a miracle would happen.

First impressions based on the price of the shampoo and conditioner was I expecting them to be tiny, one of those 'pay loads, but the product is tiny' kind of things. HELL NO. They're bloody huge! They're gunna be lasting me a good month or two month (and with my hair, this is such a long period of time!) The smell just hangs around for ages as well, I'll be running around like a chicken at work and I'll just get this whoft of blueberries from my hair!

Now the real question is, does it work in terms of keeping my frizzy lions mane at bay? I'm gunna say YES. My hair usually goes frizzy when I'm outside, but so far I've had no horrific moments of catching myself in a shop window and seeing the bush on my head has returned so that's all good! I also found that my hair doesn't fall out as much when styling or brushing so I feel my hair is now much stronger! BONUS POINTS.

Yes To Coconut Protecting Hand and Cuticle Cream

I have a really big issue with my dry hands and with winter creeping its pretty little head around the corner, I know they're just going to get worse (urgh!) It really makes me paranoid that people could be looking at my weak, peeling nails and dry hands (if I could wear gloves all the time I probably would.) Honestly, I've tried hundreds of different products and nothing can fix my sandpaper hands, until I stumbled across this little stunner!

First things first, the smell is just OH MY, heavenlllllly. You just can't beat the smell of coconut (and don't even argue with me on that.) Secondly, this product actually does rehydrate and protect the skin, I can see a vast improvement around my fingernails and knuckles where my skin used to peel. The weather hasn't been too cold recently, so I can really comment on whether it works well during the colder seasons, but I can imagine it works a damn treat. Thirdly, the bottle. All other hand creams I've owned have been teeny weeny little bottles, but this one is massive in comparrison so, even though I used it a lot, I don't see it running out any time soon!

I do use this product as part of a 'hand care routine' I made for myself. I use a salted coconut LUSH hand scrub then a LUSH lemon cuticle cream (I'll be doing a blog post on these next week, keep a look out!) and then I finish with the Yes To Coconut Protecting Hand and Cuticle Cream and my hands are left feeling babyyyyy soft (no joke, I went round making people stroke my hands to tell me how soft they were.) It also works so well without other products, say if you're on the go or at work and your hands are just feeling a tad dry, pop this baby on and it solves everythinggggggggggg! I just really love this hand cream and I plan to keep rebuying this product when it runs out.

Yes to Carrots Daily Moisture Body Lotion 350ml In general, my skin isn't really that dry (apart from my blood hands...) but it never hurts to moisturise. I always use this moisturiser after I get out the shower because I feel this is when my skin is at its tightest.

The bottle is mahoosiveeee, this bad boy will not be ending any time soon which is awesommeeeee because this product is incredible. I use it mainly on my legs, knees and elbows primarily and it just makes them so damnnn softtttt!

Yes to Cucumbers 30 Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes

If you know me, you know how much eye makeup I actually wear, (...if you don't know me, I wear a lot of eye make up...) but I also have sensitive eyes, so finding a really good makeup wipe that can remove my cake load of eye makeup while not make my eyes burn and become really sore is super important to me! I have tried endlesssssss brands of 'sensitive' make up wipes and I just find that they don't work at all. Absolute bulllll.

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes are so soft on my skin and it doesn't make me eyes feel like they've got sunburn... One thing I did find with them is it takes a lot of effort and scrubbing to get off my eye makeup. I'm not sure if this is due to the makeup wipes not being very good or my eye makeup being stubborn little b****h and not wanting to come off, who knows. For being gentle and soothing on sensitive skin these make up wipes are a winner and I recommend them so highly, if you're willing to put in the scrubbing effort that is...

One thing I really do love about these wipes is how many you get, 30 is blood loads I think! The plastic lid to stop the wipes drying out is amazing too, I always plan on using one make up wipe, but accidentally grabbing 3 in the process and just leaving them hanging out and drying up, a total waste! Its such a bad habit of mine ffs, but the lid really helps to stop this haha!

Yes to Grapefruit Even Skin Tone Moisturiser

I use this a kind of a primer before my makeup. The first time I used it, my house mate told me they could smell the product from across the room because the smell of grapefruit is so sudden, I think anyway, but oh my I loved it! My skin smelt and felt so nice! One thing I found when using this moisturiser is I didn't have to use as much colour correction before my foundation (I'm not joking when I say my face is like 90% green from trying to hide the red areas on my face, I look like the Green Goblin, so the moisturiser really helped!) Another thing I found was that my foundation didn't come off either, it kind of had a base to grip which is another advantage!

Yes To Tomato Detoxifying Charcoal Face Mask

I keep seeing these advertisements splattered all over Facebook for these charcoal masks that literally rip the dirty from your nose... WHAT THE HELL, HOW PAINFUL DOES THIS LOOK?! No thankyou! This was actually the first product I got from Yes To and I use it around 3-4 times a week, or whenever I can feel a spot brewing. The thing is with this mask is it actually works. It seriously sorts your face out from all those lumps and bumps almost over night. At first, I was a bit like 'oh my gooooood this is going to STINK of tomatoes, I hate tomatoes.' but it smells just like an ordinary face mask, calming and refreshing.

The charcoal in the Yes To Tomato mask draws any bacteria, oils, dirty and chemicals to the surface of your skin, but without all the nasty, painful stuff. The best thing about this mask is that the texture is SOOO creamy that it just glides onto your face. I have a problem with a lot of face masks where once I've finished applying them I always feel a stinging or burning sensation and I have to get it off ASAP. I'm not allergic to anything so I'm just assuming this is all the chemicals used to create the mask which is doing this. Thank the lord it doesn't happen with this face mask due to its natural ingredients that work so well with my skin. Washing off the mask is just as easy as putting it on. You don't have to be stood there for ages scrubbing at your skin like sand paper making it red and sore, it just washes off without any hassle.

What did I use before?

Shampoo and conditioner: Like I said, nothing works on my frizzy ass hair. I use to used Tresemme luxurious moisture shampoo and conditioner which used to work... for about an hour... then it was back to being a lion.

Hand cream: To be honest, I just used whatever on my hands because I just want them to get hydrated as quickly as possible! My mum gave me some hand creams she got for christmas last year, La Maison De Senteurs hand cream, but they aren't cruelty-free and they didn't even work lol. FULL of chemicals which made my hands so much worse.

Body lotion: As I said above, my skin doesn't really need moisturising that often because it's not that dry. The only time I use to moisterise in the past was before I fake tanned and I would use Calvin Klein Reveal Body Lotion. Again, it didn't work, not cruelty-free and full of chemicals.

Make up wipes: LORD KNOWS I've tried endlesssssss amount of brands and 0 work for my sensitive skin and I just gave up looking and bought whatever was on deal. The most recent ones I used were Johnson's Face Care Makeup Be Gone Extra-Sensitive Wipes, but they tested on animals, just made my sensitive skin worse, then when I got the Yes To make up wipes, I threw the others straight in the binnnn! Bye Bye sore eyes!

Face masks: I always buy ones from LUSH and they're always cruelty-free! Highly recommend them alllllll

Skin Tone Moisturiser: I got a mini the POREfessional face primer in a benefit box one christmas and it worked really well! I soon found out Benefit tests on animals so I had to stop using that, but The Yes To is my new favouriteeeee!

Are they cruelty-free/vegan?

Yes To is Leaping Bunny certified which means they are cruelty-free! They're also vegan as well!

Would I buy these again?

YES! To all of them, especially the Yes To Tomato charcoal face mask and Yes To Blueberries smooth and shine shampoo and conditioner! They work a damn treat!

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