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Lush Life - LUSH product HAUL

During the end of August, I went for a cheeky 5 day break in my favourite place in the whole wide world, Londonnnnnnnnnnnnn. A super cute mini get away just before my stressful and soul-killing last year of university started where I could chill the hell out and forget all my problemmmmsss. So on one of the days, we went to Oxford Street, obviously (yup, typical Ellie) and I splashed the cash in about 100 shops. One of those little pieces of retail heaven was LUSH! I don't know if you've ever been to the LUSH store in Oxford circus but LORD have mercy it's huge, and if you don't want a huge, crowded store of heaven then there is a smaller LUSH store down one of the side streets (can't for the life of me remember what its called, all I know is its near the magnum store...)

I've wanted to do a LUSH haul for a while because it's one of the best known brands for fighting animal testing with their handmade products. They're also 100% vegetarian, ethical buying and have naked packaging (I love the naked packaging as I'm a fan of all things simple, yet it helps the environment MASSIVELY which is such a bonus.) Also, if you bring back 5 empty, clean, full size naked pots you get a free face mask... I want a free face mask.

So most of the stuff I got were scrubs, winter is coming and no one likes dry, crusty, sore skin.

Then there were just little bits I wanted to give a cheeky test out on. What I got:

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Volcano Foot Mask

Bubblegum lip scrub

I'm partial to a cheeky lip scrub. My lips get super dry, especially in the winter, which is not a good look when I'm trying to SLAY a new lipstick... To be honest, I used to make my own lip scrub from sugar and olive oil and it seemed to work a treat, tasted grotty, but it worked. Nevertheless, I thought I'd give the LUSH one a cheeky test out.

First things first, the colour is poppppppping! I have to admit this is what caught my eye first. Usually I'm not a fan of pink, but I just fell in love with this. Secondly, the bubblegum smell and taste. I could honestly just sit and eat it out of the jar, its delicious. HOWEVER, the real question is does it save my dry-ass lips? Sadly, nope. I just didn't find it to work as a lip scrub at all. It has organic jojoba oil in it to moisturise, but meh, didn't work. I'd put it on my lips and more often that not I'd just end up licking it off seconds later because it just didn't seem to be staying on my lips at all. A tip I learnt was when exfoliating your lips is always go in circles because your skin flakes are in the shape of diamonds and it will remove them SO much easier! (If this is wrong please correct me, don't wanna be spreading fake information haha!) Just kind of feels like a pot of sugar and pink food colouring with a nice smell which sucks cause I had really high expectations for this product. Super sad face right now.

Salted coconut hand scrub

I first heard about this scrub from a blogger who inspired me to do my own blog, Fashioninflux, and OMG I LOVE IT. As I stated in my previous blog post, I have a huge issue with dry hands and I started using this scrub as part of a 'hand care routine' i made up which works sooooOOOOoooo well! The argan oil treats the dry skin amazingly while the fine sea salt gentle exfoliates, just incredible! You can either use this product on wet hands, but I prefer dry hands because it's gives a bit more tough loving to my hands. I usually scrub my hands for around 5 minutes, making sure to get into every nuck and cranny, then I wash it off with warm water. They feel so baby smooth after, I just go around making people stroke my hands. I do this routine around 3-4 times a week just because my hands get really bad and with winter round the corner, I can't risk them getting worse.

Lemony flutter cuticle butter

Once again, I have really rubbish hands and I hate them. The main reason I hate them is because the skin ALWAYS peel around my nails, I've had this issue for DONKEY'S YEARS, no matter what I try, no matter what the weather, they just end up looking like they've been in a shredder. I asked a lovely lady who works in LUSH for something to fix this and she recommended the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and I swear to the heavens above it works miracles! I CAKE` it on and let it soak in for about half an hour, but the smell makes it worth wild. I'm not a huge fan of lemons, but it's so sweet and pleasant that I can handle the scent. The combination of mango butter, shea butter, fresh lemon and tagetes oil is just a straight up winner for solving dry, sore, peeling cuticles.

I'm just sooooo in love with this product and the butter itself is so thick that it wont be running out any time soon (although as soon as it does I'm running to LUSH to grab another, or maybe two...) This is also part of my 'hand care routine', this goes on after the Salted Coconut hand scrub has been washed off, but before the Yes To coconut had cream goes on

Rub rub rub shower scrub

I only really use this scrub just before I get my fake tan onnnnn. I use it in the bath, not the shower like it says to as I found the scrub to be super wet and runny, like really hard to scoop up and keep on your skin, but in a bath its so much easier to have control. It leaves your skin feeling SO silky smooth! Same as the hand scrub, you can use it on wet or dry skin, I usually choose wet skin purely because I'm in the bath anyway (lazy option) and my legs aren't usually that dry so I don't really need to be rough on them, but it's nice to treat your skin with a bit of TLC. The fine sea salt works so well, it's both rough and gentle at the same time. One issue I found was it stings my skin and I have to get it on and off my skin really quickly, but this is obviously caused by the fact I shaved and put it on straight away so my skin was sensitive (I hope.) I should probs wait a little longer next time (I'm just s little keen bean ffs.)

Volcano foot mask

So as gross as this is, and it took me a lot of debating whether to even do a post on this, I have dry skin on my feet. I f**king HATE it, you will never, ever, EVER see me without socks or shoes on because it's so embarrassing ... (hence why I did a swatch of it on my hand rather than a photo of it on my foot...) I've tried ENDLESS things to get rid of it and I don't know why, but it doesn't wanna budge. Obviously, in my last blog post I wrote about the Yes To Carrots daily body lotion and I use this on my tootsies about twice a day and it seems to be working! Yet before that, I used this foot mask from LUSH and it worked so well, not really for getting rid of the dry skin (although it is meant to double up as a foot scrub because of the pumice), it's more for a relaxing treat after a long day.

The only problem I had was how small the pot was and it says to use a generous amount on your feet... a generous amount is the size of the whole pot... Maybe this is why I didn't find it to be doing much, but there just simply isn't enough in the pot...

Any flaws?

Lip scrub: Personally, I just feel like it didn't work at all as a lip scrub... worked really well at being blood yummy, but didn't do its actual job, which sucks.

Hand scrub: I can't flaw this product, I wouldn't even want to, it's perfect!

Cuticle butter: Once again, I can't flaw it.

Shower scrub: It's a tad too runny for my liking, just kind of slides off your skin. Also, it stings my skin when I use it... which is not ideal...

Foot mask: I just feel that I need to use it for AGES to really get the full potential out of it, but I can't do this because the pot is so tiny...

What did I use before?

Lip scrub: I used to make my own from sugar and olive oil... technically vegan I guess haha, worked well too!

Hand scrub: I usually just used creams and butters on my hand, I've never really used a hand scrub before.

Cuticle butter: I used to use, like 5 years ago, this hand cream from AVON which came with some weird, white glove. You had to CAKEEEE your hands in this cream and then put the glove on over night and in the morning your skin would be soft, except that never happened. AVON also tests on animals, so don't buy them.

Shower Scrub: Soap and Glory Flake Away, it worked so well and I loved it. It states on the Soap and Glory website that they do not test on animals, but can not promise that some of the ingredients used in their products have not been tested on animals... BOO YOU. Once again, don't use it.

Foot Mask: I've used every cream under the damn sun, as well as 'pedeggs', pumice, the same hand cream AVON product glove thing, but for feet. NOTHING use to work.

Are they cruelty-free/vegan?

LUSH is completely cruelty-free, it's kind of what they're best known for and it's amazing! They are also vegetarian! However, they are not completely vegan, around 80% of their products are vegan, but contain eggs, milk, honey, ect.

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, Salted Coconut hand scrub, Volcano foot mask, Bubblegum lip scrub are all vegan. HOWEVER, I can't seem to find it the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter is vegan (sad faceeeeee!) I will email LUSH soon and find out!

Would I use these again?

This probably goes without saying, but Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and Salted Coconut hand scrub will be in my beauty bag for YEARS. I can't get enough of them.

However, I probably wont be getting the Bubblegum lip scrub or Rub Rub Rub shower scrub again.

As for the Volcano foot mask, I'll probably keep using it as it does work well, I just really wish it was bigger...

Have you tried any of these LUSH products? Let me know what you think of them in the comments below x

Thanks for reading and I'll see you again next week,

- E x

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