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Correct Colour Correcting - A colour correction comparrison

My first encounter with colour correction was when I was a wee kiddy wink and I got my first spot. I remember my mum coming to the rescue and whacking out this tube which looked like a green lipstick and I went crazy cause I thought I'd be walking around with a huge green blob on my face, not exactly what a pre-teen wants...

So obviously there are a lot of different colour correctors out there in many shapes and sizes and I wanted to compare 3 different types, a stick, a palette and a liquid tube. The ones I decided to review where E.L.F Studio Colour Correction Sticks, LA Girl HD Pro Concealer and MUA Base Prime and Conceal Palette as they are 3 different brands, 3 different prices (all under a cheeky little £5 though) and 3 different texturessssss. ALSOOOOOO, all 3 brands are CRUELTY-FREE, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

One problem I found, and apparently a lot of people do to because they are FOREVERRRRRRR asking me, is what colour goes where to cancel out what (please tell me that made sense...) which I think it's pretty innocent to get confused by colour correcting. There are so many shades, colours, tones, everything, it does gets a little conpuzzeling, but I can try clear it up a little for you. (Disclaimer: I'm not a make up artists, just what I've gathered from a little research.)

PURPLE - Eliminates unwanted yellow tones

YELLOW - Hides purple/blue tones on lighter skin

GREEN - Naturalises redness

PINK - signs of fatigue/tiredness

ORANGE - Hides purple/blue/grey tones on darker skin

I colour correct everyyyyyy single day without fail. I pray to God the day I can't be bothered to colour correct someone holds a tomato up to my face to compare how red my skin naturally is. I know for a fact I would just turn around straight away and fix the lobster shade that is my face (I have super red skin without makeup on, did I stress that enough?) When I colour correct, no joke I'm like 90% green because of my damn red skin. I have super dark under eyes as well, not sure if this is due to tiredness and stress (blaming uni for that) or if they're just naturally dark, either way, after I colour correct my under eye it looks like I've been bleeding out of them for a week...

... I think we've established that colour correcting is not the most attracting part of doing your makeup, but it works wondersssssssssss! I really think you can tell the difference between those who do colour correct and those who don't, but I'm not here to judge, do you're own thinggggggggs!

MUA Base, Primer and Conceal Palette - £4 - Superdrug

Ok so when you touch this palette it literally melts... like a damn ice cube... it's SO creamy, like I can't explan this enough how CREAMY it is. You're probably thinking "oh it's so creamy wont it come off eaily? Won't my makeup slip off? Will I even be able to see it?!" HONEEEEEEEEEEY, it's incredible. It covers everything it needs to cover without hassle, it didn't make your makeup slip off of look greasy, none of that molarcy!

The fact that it comes in a cute little palette as well is super efficient, only issue is it doesn't come with an applicator which, if you don't have many makeup brushes, can be super annoying. It blends so well with a makeup sponge though, which I found to be an issue with some other colour correctors. I just find the palette a tad small, this is my only major issue because with a face as red as mine, I need a LOT of green and I didn't get that much from this palette. Apart from that though it's a winner!

E.L.F Studio Colour Correccting Sticks - £5 each -

I've always admired E.L.F products, never owned any until now, but I've always thought they were a good price for some pretty decent cruelty-free make up. When I saw they had released some colour correcting sticks I was ALLLL over that. I've never seen a colour correcting STICK before so, yeah, like I'm 12 , I was so amazed. I NEEDED THEM. They have a total of 4 shades so far, I only got 3 as the orange stick is available in two shades, one for light skin tones and one for dark skin tones. I got myself a purple stick, green stick and light orange stick.

First impressions from these sticks is they are stunninnnnnnnnng, so simplistic and they're actually rather big for some colour correcting, I think anyway, but size doesn't matter (ay ay.) They showed my pores up loads and I hated it, not even gunna sugar coat that. The sticks are so thick that they don't glide well across my skin at all and they feel a tad heavy/sticky? I also found them a little difficult to blend...But, maybe this isn't a bad thing? It lasts, and I mean LASTSSSS, all damn day! It's a pretty sturdy colour corrector if you ask me, it's just the actually application I was not a fan of...

LA Girl Pro Concealer - £5 -

I literally see this concealer used by every damn make up artist on Instagram I sweaaaaaaaar! Mainly the reason I wanted to get it was to see what all the fuss was about... and now I know. THEY'RE INCREDIBLE! I bloody love this liquid colour corrector as it is perfect for my skin (oily-normal skin) because it glides on smoothly, but is still thick enough to not melt off my face throughout the day. I only got this in green and dark orange though as this was the first colour corrector I got and I didn't know what the other did... when in doubt, play it safe I guess loool (The dark orange is far too dark for my skin tone though, oops... Next time I need a peach/light orange)

All seriousness though, I f**king love these. The fact the applicator in part of the product makes the process so much easier and, compared to the E.L.F. colour correcting sticks they're actually rather thin, which makes getting into small areas and having a little more control over what you want to amend SOoOoOo much easier! They also last so long, I use SO much green (I don't think I've said that enough during this blog post...) and they're still loads left in the tube!

So I tried all three types of colour correction, stick, palette and liquid. They all have their perks and their downfalls, but so does any product. Although, I know my favourite has to be the LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer as it just works so well on my skin and lasts for so long as well as being super cheap and lasts for so, so long!

Have you tried any colour correction recently? Let me know in the comments below!

Thankyou for reading and I'll see you next week,

- E x

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