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Once upon a time, in a town called Southampton, there was a cute AF girl called Ellie who was having a shower. While happily singing her lungs out to a cheeky bit of Panic! At The Disco, she looked down and saw the magical Leaping Bunny logo on a product that was not hers. She could not believe her eyes! Quickly, she grabbed the bottle in which the logo was upon and saw the name 'SAINSBURYS' sprawled across the top of the shower gel bottle. Her jaw dropped.

Ok, thats enough of that, a proper cringe fest and a half going on there. But, it is true. LITERALLY seeing that Leaping Bunny logo on a cheap, supermarket product made me go in a state of shock. I naively assumed all supermarket products were full of harmful chemicals, but this has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Within minutes I was in the car driving to the nearest Sainsbury's and pegging it to the beauty isle. EVERY DAMN SAINSBURY'S OWN BEAUTY PRODUCT HAS THIS AMAZING LITTLE LOGO ON IT AND I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER! Im talking EVERYTHING, from shampoo to toothpaste, face scrub to hairspray, they ALL had it. I tried to get at least one of each, the only one I didn't get was a mens body spray, apologises to all the males out there (but if you've ever tried it, please let me know what you think!)

You don't know what Leaping Bunny is I hear you say? Honey no, we can't have that now can we, keep reading. "Leaping Bunny is the only internationally-recognised certification for cosmetics, personal care and household product brands which are not tested on animals." ( and like, THIS IS SAINSBURYS! I'm so so so proud of them for having these products which arent full of s**t and actually help cute little animals!

(please ignore my pathetic excuse for drawing a box...)

(tried to make the photos basic... cause of the name... yeah.) Alrighty then, let's get started shall we

Body Lotion and Intensive Hand & Nail Cream

£1.00 (body lotion), £1.50 (hand cream)

This body lotion is sooo rich and soothing on your skin! It doesn't feel heavy or thick at all like some lotions can do, which is super gross and annoying! You can actually feel this lotion working which is the main point. I put it on dry areas such as knees, ankles and elbows and even a couple of hours later they still felt as smooth as a babys butt.

Like i've said 100000 times before, I hate my hands and nails, they're so dry and brittle (which people keep telling me they're actually really soft, but I don't believe them) Always hated my hands, probably always will. There is a hand cream for just normal skin, but I chose the intensive one for obvious reasons. I can, without a doubt, say this is my favourite product out of the lot. The smell basically makes me want to chew off my own hands and have them for dessert, its such a light and sweet smell and the hand cream actually works, it soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't lave them feeling wet and/or oily like some handcreams can do.

I really have to put this up with one of my favourite hand care items.

Body Wash - Cranberry, Coconut and Lemon

75p each

(Obviously, there's like tones more scents, but these three seemed most appealing to me. Who wouldn't want to smell like a damn cranberry-coconutty-lemon?!)

I've never been one to splash the cash on a body wash, I think they're so over-priced and to be honest, don't even feel like some of them work that well. When I picture a body wash, I want something that is silky smooth, creamy, actually works and leaves a scent lingering on your skin for hoursssssssss, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THESE DO. Honeeeeeeeeeey, for 85p a pop, you get waaaaaay more than you bargained for! I could shower at 7am for uni, get some at 6pm and STILL smell the scent on me! They also don't feel like you've caked yourself in fragrances, perfumes and chemicals like some more expensive body washes can do. They leave you feeling squeeky clean and refreshed after which is always pengggg after a nice, hot shower!

(lemon is my faaaaavourite - soz)

Cleansing wipes, Cleansing Lotion and Facial Scrub

75p (cleansing wipes), £1.50 (cleansing lotion), £1.50 (facial scrub)

Not going to lie, I'm not a fan of these cleaning wipes at all. Firstly, I really hate tea tree, reminds me of when I was a wee kiddy-wink and got nits at school once and tea tree was the only thing that would get rid of them. Secondly, I wear a lot of eye makeup, so it's really important to me that I get some good quality wipes that can remove my makeup effortlessly. These on the other hand, did the opposite. When I scrubbed them on my skin, the wipe would flake and fall apart leaving strings of material on my face and caught in my eyelashes which is just a pain in the ass. They have other scents of cleansing wipes which I wish I had tested instead, maybe they would have been better, but these were not in my favour.

I never ever ever ever EVER use face scrubs, I think they don't work at all and frankly make your skin have more spots. There's not much I like about myself, but having clear, smooth skin is actually something I adore, so using this face scrub was a bit risky for me. I'm not even guna sugar coat it because it would be a pretty crap blog if I lied about products...It left my skin bright red and sore, like I'd scrubbed it with sandpaper. It smells peng and the consistancy is so creamy, but my skin is FAR too sensitive for this. Maybe for those who don't have sensitive skin this could work well, but it's a no from me.

Again, I don't really use a lot of products on my face because I feel they purposely make you get spots, but I was really curious to try this cleansing lotion. I thought it would be like a liquid cleanser, but when I popped it on the cotton pad it was a thick cream, which I found really hard to apply to my face as all the cotton kept sticking to my skin. It abosrbed into my skin really quickly and left it really smooth. When I looked down at the pad there was SO MUCH dirt on it, can't believe that all came from my face! So this product works really well for removing crap, maybe next time I could just apply it with my hands or something.



Frankly, I'm not really sure what to say about this loooooool... it's a handwash haha. It does a good job of washing your hands and smells pretty simple too, not overpowering at all... (that was all clearly waffle because I don't even know what to say, guess it's just nice knowing there's a handwash out there that's leaping bunny certified)

Roll on anti-perspirant deodorant


So I had two choices here, roll-on or spray. Spray is REALLY bad for the environment so I obviously went for the better option, everyone should do that.

Yeah, this product works really well to be fair. I got the sensitive one mainly because after you shave your underarms it can be pretty sore and I didn't want anything to irritate that, and it doesn't, not even in the slightest which is awesome. Theres been times when I've been running around rooms, fanning my underarm because the pain and tenderness was too much looool, but this one is a delight! One thing I really like about this deodorant is it doesn't have a scent, which I know some people are gunna be thinking 'deodorants need a scent, thats the whole point' honey NO. I hate the idea of clogging my skin up with fragrances and perfumes. With some deodorants, I find myself constantly topping it up throughout the day, but I haven't had to do that once with this one which has been such a time saver!

I would definitely purchase this one again rather than a branded one thats full of chemicals and is super bad for the environment

Mouthwash and sensitive toothpaste

55p (toothpaste) £1.10 (mouth wash)

My teeth are pretty sensitive (I've started to notice that a lot of me is super sensitive, maybe I need to tell my body to man the f**k up lol.) Not going to lie, I was super hesitant on using an own brand toothpaste purely because I have a lot of issues with my teeth and I want to use toothpaste that is actually going to work. I don't want to bite into a slice of pizza one day and end up in tears from the dreaded sensitive tooth pain, if you know what I mean. BUT, ALAS, I went a head and used it, and to be fairrrrrr I haven't had any issues with it so far which I'm actually super impressed by!! Only thing I will say is the taste is SO sweet, like bubblegum sweet which just has the placebo effect of making me think my teeth aren't clean after I brush them, like, I know they're clean, but I'd prefer a more stronger mint taste that leaves me both cool and refreshed.

I hardly use mouthwash (my dentist probs hates me...) because EVERY SINGLE one I used burns the hell out of my mouth! It's like I can feel the skin on the inside of my cheeks peeling off, urgh makes me cringe just thinking about it! Some brands just make their mouthwashes tooooooo strong, but this one (yes obviously I got sensitive again) is so subtle, but with just enough kick to it to know it's actually cleaning your mouth! I actually really do enjoy using this mouthwash and no doubt I'll probably be throwing another one in my basket soon enough!

Shampoo and Conditioner

50p each

Rightiooooo, I'm a student and I'm no stranger to own brand shampoos and conditioners. As long as my hair is clean I usually don't give a monkeys uncle what brand/style/smell my shampoo or conditioner is... (all the hair dressers out there are gunna hate me for that - sorry Jemma xox)

They seem to work pretty dandy, my hair was super clean and smooth when I got out the shower, the conditioner made it easier for me to get the knots out of my hair while brushing it and the smell was soooo piff, so yeah, it's on the winning track for me!

Only problem I had was I only found 2 different scents, apple and coconut, it would be nice to see more vairety (but then again, it could have possibly just been the sainsburys I was at which lacked other products, who knowsssssss!) Also, don't get it in your mouth, it tastes vile.

Bath Creme and Bath Soak

75p each

Like I said, I'm a student so having a bath is pretty expensive, so I usually just shower... HOWEVER, I went home this week for a couple of days and this was a prime opportunity to have a bath at my mums because I don't pay for it hehe (sorry mum x)

I have the bath soak sleep moments before I went to bed. I don't know what is it about lavender, but its SUCH a good calming scent to make you feel super cosy and snug before bed! The scents were just so relaxing which is exactly what you need! Picture it now, coming home from work after a busy day, having to do housework and what not until god knows what hour in the evening, then you find a cheeky spare hour to chill. Imagine that steamy, hot bath with the aromas of lavender floating about. (URGH I need a bath like NOW.) As you can clearly tell, I love this product and would deffo get it again!

I used this one the next day before I had a cheeky tanning sesh! The smell was so sweet and it really does wake you up in the morning! I actually have a little issue with bath products, when I was younger, for a few months straight I would come out of the bath in loads of red dots so I wasn't allowed any bath products for a while and I hardly use them now (except the occasional cheeky LUSH bath bomb!) because I'm worried it will happen again. Yet, when I came out of the bath with this my skin felt so smooth! and the smell just lingers on your skin which is always a bonus! Highly rate this one too!



I am FOREVER having my hair curly, I love it... but what I don't love is when it drops out after an half an hour when I've just spent about an hour of my life curling it in the first place, super annoyinnnnnnnng! So obviously, own brand hairspray, first thoughts are probably gunna be 'yeah it wont work' because we are so used to thinking branded is better, I know I do (I admit that I am a bit of a brand snob,) but I know this is not the way. This hairspray is actually pretty decent, highly rate it! It doesn't let my hair drop, even when I'm running around like a mad man at work. I can look in the mirror and it will still be super curly! It smells peng too.

Most of these products I would buy again, some maybe not because I have some better cruelty-free alternatives (like the make up wipes for example), but if I'm ever in desperate need for a product and I don't have time to order one, I know now I can jog to my nearest Sainos and grab a bunch of Leaping Bunny Certified products!

Always keep a look out for the Leaping Bunny logo on your products! It's such a good way to shop cruelty-free and vegan if you're struggling! I know it can be difficult as so many companies are super sneaky about admitting they're products are tested on animals, but Leaping Bunny is an awesome way to know your products are 100% animal friendly! Always check the label!!

DISCLAIMER: These products all available for different skin types/ sensitive or normal/ scents/ styles - I just picked up the ones I wanted to try. These are my options on THESE products, not other variations of them.

Have you tried any of Sainsburys own brand beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next week,

- E x

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