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I stumbled across Grounded Body Scrub by mistake to be honest. Casually scrolling down Instragram, having a cheeky gander into celebrity lives and make up tutorials, when this exciting looking body scrub pops up as a sponsored post. It caught my eye straight away and I knew I had to have it. OBVIOUSLY, I did my research (I wouldn't be me if I didn't do days and days of research, would I?) and I found out this beautiful little company is CRUELTY-FREE, YES BOYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

(source: FAQ; Grounded Body Scrub)

Their website is stunning by the way, I'm such a sucker for simplistic designs! I suggest you go check them out... and while you're at it, BUY EVERYTHING! I didn't expect there too be such a variety of products, I legit thought it was just some coffee body scrub, but nope, I was wrong. Their coffee body scrub comes in loads of scents, such as coconut, mint, chocolate orange and grapefruit! Not only that, there's a bucket load of other products too such as hair masks, lip scrubs, face scrubs, lip balms, ect! Literally amazing!!

A few little things about Grounded Body Scrub which makes them pretty damn awesome:

1. ALL products are CRUELTY-FREE

2. CERTAIN products are VEGAN

3. Made in the UK

4. MOST of their packaging is recyclable

5. No parabens/ No filters/ No sulphates

6. Suitable for sensitive skin

I went for at least one of each product in a different scent to give them a fair review.

The ones I got were:

Peppermint lip balm

Grapefruit lip balm

Coconut body scrub

Mango Crush hair mask

Tea Tree and Lemon face scrub (little story behind this one looool which will be explained later)

Sweet Orange face scrub

Edible Bubblegum lip scrub

When the product arrived I was BUZZZZINNNNNNNNG, the packaging was so pretty and it even smelt so sweet and fruity! When I opened it, free sweets fell out... FREE SWEETS! Like, why are you not on their website now ordering something? FREE SWEEEEEEETS! The packaging for each and every item is stunning, so simplistic and cute at the same time! All the products are much, much bigger than I expected as well, which is always a cheeky winner in my eyes!

Coffee body scrub - £15.00 each

Usually, I'm really hesistant about body scrubs as my skin is super sensitive, but I couldn't wait to get stuck into Grounded Coffee Scrub!

Firstly, the package is huge! This bad boy will be lasting me till chrimbo at this rate! Secondly, the smell - HOLY MOTHER MARY, I died and went to a coconutty-coffee heaven when I opened it! The idea of having that scent linger on my skin was just too much for me!

I used this product in the bath. I always use body scrubs in the bath rather than the shower as I personally think you have more control and can get a better exfoliation out of it. You really only need the tiniest amount of this product because it spreads so far. The coffee scrub is extremely fine and light, it doesn't feel like you're rubbing your legs with sandpaper which is always a bonus!

This is going to be a super silly point, but I find it to be such a huge factor: the scrub starts off as a dry product, therefore it wont slip off your skin during the application and after you're done applying it, it stays dry. Nothing worse than applying a wet scrub just to watch it slide off your skin and dollop into the bath.

You can either wash this product off straight away, or leave it on for 10 minutes for a better result, then wash off. Honestly, the softness off your skin will just break the softness scale by 100 points. Tougher areas like knees, ankles, elbows, will... well, lets just say you wont be classing them as 'tough areas' anymore! I don't think I've ever, ever, ever used such a good body scrub, and I do not plan to be using another. This is BAE to me now!

Lip balms - £3.25 each

I went for two scents, grapefruit and peppermint. They smell incredible! Grapefuit has me holding onto those summer vibes, yet peppermint is slowing dragging me to being super christmassy! The grapefuit lip balm is meant to enrich your lips with Vitamin C which is incredible for getting super smooth skin on your lips. Peppermint is meant to plump your lips (and to be fair, I've got incredibly small lips... my top lip basically non-existent) and it does! Without looking super unnatural and painful, it only plumps them up a tad, but it's enough to notice!

Both of these are made with extra virgin coconut oil to hydrate the lips which is perfect for this super cold winter we've got coming up! Nobody wants chapped lips now, do they? (and if you do... you're pretty odd...) HOWEVER, they are NOT VEGAN (crying inside) as they contain beeswax.

Lip scrub - £4.95 each

So, if you often read my blog (and if you do then I love you!) I've already tried an edible bubblegum lip scrub from LUSH... and it was safe to say I was not a fan, therefore I was really 'umm-ing' and 'ahh-ing' about getting this one because I didn't wanna waste my money. BUT, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and to be honest... I actually really enjoy it!

The pot is MUCH larger than the one at LUSH and it's cheaper in price! The difference with this one is it doesn't feel like you're rubbing food coloured sugar onto your lips, you can really feel the smooth texture of the extra virgin coconut oil and they leave your lips feeling incredibly soft and flake free! Literally just what I need before applying some lippy and it's amazing for winter!

Face scrub - £8.95 each

Like I've said before, I'm so 'umm' and 'aah' about scrubs because of my sensitive skin, but these face scrubs are so delicate and light to exfoliate your skin that it is just perfect! I'm really really not a fan of orange flavours/scents - sorryyyyyyyy, however this just smelt like a Terry Choccy Orange and got me COMPLETELY in the christmas mood!

My little story about the tea tree and lemon face scrub is that I may or may not have ordered it by mistake. I hate tea tree, as I said in my last post, so when I opened this I was like 'what the hell?' I'm still gunna use it though... these scrubs are too good not to use... just sayin'.

It's the same process as the Coconut body Scrub, rub into your skin in circular motions to remove any dry/dead skin, then you can either wash it off straight away OR leave it on for 10 minutes for a better result. You really only need a tiny handful of these scrubs though, a little goes a long way in this case! Wash it off with a warm flannel (I did anyway) and then have a feel... it basically feels like you've got new skin. Seriously. This product is PERFECT for this cold winter we're having ALREADY, and it's only November!! They will remove dry skin instantly and leave your skin feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Hair mask - £12.50 each

Rightiooooo, I bloody love mangos so this was a MUST! My hair is super frizzy and dry, espcially in the winter which sucks so much, so a hair mask is just what the doctor ordered! This can be applied to damp or dry hair, I did dry just because I was feeling super lazy, and you start by applying the mask to the ends of your hair and working your way to the roots. The mask is SUPER oily and slightly difficult to massage into my hair, but we got there in the end. You can either leave the mask on for 30 minutes or longer to get a better result, which I did, then you just wash it out like normal with a bit of shampoo.

NOW, I had an issue with mine while I was drying my hair. I spend about 20 minutes drying my hair and it was still wet... to look in the mirror and realise it wasn't wet, just super bloody greasy! Obviously, I had not washed the product our properly even though I scrubbed my hair for AGES in the shower. So, I had to re-wash my hair (which was not ideal because now I was running late for some plans.) So I rinsed my hair and re-dried it. Same thing happened. I had to have ANOTHER shower and wash my hair SO throughly I thought my hair was gunna fall out. THANKFULLY, this time it works - and given the annoying circumstance, my hair was SO SO SO SOFT and light, not frizzy at all and super shiny! The scent of mango is so strong as well, you feel like a walking fruit bowl! This really is a good hair mask, just maybe not for when you're in a rush...

Have you tried any of the Grounded Body Scrub products? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below x

Thankyou for reading and I'll see you next week!

- E x

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