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HOMEMADE VEGAN FACE MASKS (for all skin types)

Firstly, I wanna say I'm so super sorry I haven't uploaded a blog post in weeks. I've had a lot of uni work and personal stuff I've been cracking on with, and alas, my blog suffered for this. It took one for the team; a real trooper! BUT it's back now! and I will (try really hard) and upload every Sunday!

This week I thought I'd swing towards a bit of DIY. As a student, I don't really have a lot of casholaaaaa I can just splash on whatever I want, I've got 101 other things to pay for and I'm damn sure anyone reading this does to. Bills, food shops, car bits and pieces and, as well as that, Christmas is showing its pretty little face in a few weeks. I am out dollar, but this doesn't mean my purse AND skin has to suffer, that would just be selfish.

My earliest memory of a homemade face mask was when I was 13. My best friend Jemma, hey Jemma, and I made an oatmeal face mask (we were weird kids...) I was obviously the test subject for this and it looked like someone had just thrown up all over my face. It was vile, BUT it did leave my skin super soft - silver linings I guess.

There are soooOooo many benefits to making your own vegan face masks, such as:

- They're very obviously vegan and cruelty-free

- No harmful chemicals or ingredients

- Cheap AF

- Many fruits/vegetables/oats/vegan-friendly products have multiple health benefits for your skin (I'll expand on this more later)

- Endless combinations

- Cheeky little snack after you've made the mask (I felt this was a good reason, I've always got food on the brain)

Let's MUSH right in shall we? (face mask pun! Kind of, not really, whatever.)

1) Banana, lemon juice and strawberries

(This is basically like putting a smoothie on your face.)

What you need:

1 Banana

1 Handfull of strawberries

1/2 Fresh lemon


£3.05 (Banana's - 16p, Strawberries - £2, Lemon - 25p)

What to do:

1) Cut the stem of the strawberries and wash before using, just to get rid of any extra dirty - you do not want to be putting this on your face, it would defeat the whole purpose lol.

2) In a bowl, mash together the banana and strawberries into a smooth-ish consistancy.

3) Squeeze the lemon juice into the mix and stir until the lemon juice is well combined.

4) APPLICATION TIMEEE - make sure you have a towel wrapped around your neck and shoulders at all times, it can drip and drop all over the shop - use a clean brush/makeup brush/hands to apply the face mask to a clean face - get all the lumps and bumps of strawberry and banana on their too, they are your friends in this!

5) Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water

6) Add a facial toner/moisturiser if you want to lock in that moisture!


- Lemon Juice: Treats acne and blackheads, lightens dark spots, cleanses the skin.

- Banana: Treats acne, lightens dark spots, moisturises skin, anti-ageing effects, oil control.

- Strawberry: Fights oily skin, lightens dark spots, removes excess sebum on skin, treats acne scars.


The mixture was super really sloppy and messy in the bowl, but on your face it stayed in place, some slippage here and there from lumps of banana, but guess that just adds to the fun!

I have really dark under eyes so I put a lot of the mask here hoping the lemon juice, strawberry and banana combination would lighten there areas slightly and Momma Mia, did it! Obviously, it didn't get rid of them first time round, but the results were deffo noticableeee! Maybe after a few more uses this week my dark circles can be kept at bay! My skin felt incredibly smooth and moisturised after as well (I kept making my house mate stroke my cheek, typical gally thing to do lol.) Lastly, my skin has been breaking out like a little b***h these past few weeks and, with these ingredients which all help treat acne, I can honestly say, even after 1 use, the swelling and redness of my spots had decreased massively. I can definitely see this mask making MANY reappearances in my future.

2) Oats, agave and banana

(The original reciepe for this used honey, but obviously these are vegan face masks so I had to change it.)

What you need:

2 tablespoons oats

1 tablespoon agave

1/2 banana


£3.25 (Oats - 59p, Agave - £2.50, Banana - 16p)

What to do:

1) Cut the banana into small slices making them easier to mush together.

2) Slowly add the oats and agave to the squished banana.

3. APPLICATION TIME - use a clean make up brush to apply the face mask. This mask is pretty damn dry so you probably don't need a towel or that mollarcy to protect yourself.

4) Leave the mask on for 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.


- Banana: Treats acne, lightens dark spots, moisturises skin, anti-ageing effects, oil control.

- Oats: Treats acne, removes dryness, moisturises skin, lightens skin, natural cleanser.

- Agave: Replenishes lost elasticity, moisturises skin, evens skin tone.


OK, so this face mask is meant to reduce redness and if anyone knows me, or read my blog on colour correction, you'll know I have a face as red as a bloody tomatoooo, so when I saw this I knew, 100%, I had to try it. The mask was rather stiff and difficult to spread, and it smelt like tea (I still can't work out why), but the results were incredible. Fair play to it, it really does reduce the redness within my cheeks, chin and T-zone! It evens out your skin tone in a natural and effective method that is super cheap and takes no time at all. Not only does it reduce redness and even your skin tone, your skin actually feels light, clean and refreshed after, compared to man-made face masks which can leave your skin feeling heavy and like you've drowned your pours in chemicals (or is that just me?). 10/10 would recommend if you wanna have a cheeky pamper sesh or if you're in a rush in the mornings, but wanna get rid of any red areas before applying your make up (this is 100% what I will be doing...) then use this mask!

3) Avocado, olive oil and lemon juice

What you need:

1/2 avocado

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 lemon juice


£3.25 (Avocado - £1, Olive oil - £2, Lemon - 25p)

What to do:

1) Cut the avocado in half (be careful... You don't want to slip and cut your hand... like I did. Good one Ellie.) and remove the pip.

2) Mush the avocado up using a fork or back of a spoon to try and remove as many lumps as you can.

3) add in the olive oil and lemon juice and give it a good ol' mix'a'rooney!

4) APPLICATION TIME - You may want a towel for this one, it can be messy. Use a clean make up brush to apply the mask onto clean skin.

5) wait 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.


- Avocado: Anti-ageing, reduces inflammation, moisturises and hydrates skin, repairing damaged skin and acne scars.

- Olive oil: Does not clog pores, antioxidant protection, hydrates skin.

- Lemon Juice: Treats acne and blackheads, lightens dark spots, cleanses the skin.


I will admit, and I'm awaiting the abuse, I'm really not a fan of avocado, but the idea of using this 'super fruit' in a face mask really excited me! Maybe I secretly wanted to look like the baby of a snot monster and Shrek (because you 100% do with this face mask on)...

Back to the mask; the application was actually really easy and smooth, a tad messy, but the mask held up and didn't slip off my face like others. The after math of the mask was, well... I'm still stroking my cheek as I type this. For a cheap, natural, home made face mask you basically get the results of a damn spa treatment! My skin felt so moisturised and hydrated without feeling clogged and heavy, which is deffo what I needed in this weather! The lemon juice really does brighten your skin and leaves you with a glowing complexion, especially around my eyes! All around a really amazing face mask!


I highly recommend giving each of these masks a try at some point or another. SO MANY beauty products such as face masks/ creams/ scrubs ect test their products on cute, furry animals and frankly, it's not fair and needs to stop. Making your own is fun, cheap, easy, quick, natural and vegan - you know you're not gunna have your skin loaded with chemicals and crap and the benefits are going to be legit if you make your own.

Have you tried to make any of your own home made (vegan) face masks? Let me know in the comments below! x

Thank you for reading and until next week,

- E x

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