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Firstly, I get that it is now winter so I'm a little behind on my seasons, my bad. Secondly, I can not express how in LOVEEEEEE I am with Necromancy Cosmetica! Seriously, if you did not click the link after reading the name then I'm judging you SO hard right now...

I came across this brand by accident (like always) while having a cheeky mid night scroll down Instagram. Now, as much as my personality doesn't seem it, I am the biggest fan of grunge-style make up, literally makes me meltttttt! So when I discovered Necromancy Cosmetica, I had basically just fallen into my kind of make up heaven. I was straight on their website which is when i found out they are not only cruelty-free, but 100% vegan as well! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Praise the Lord above!

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So I ordered the I'M NOT A WITCH FALL 2016 collection, which consists of:

Ancient Queen - Gold Metallic matte lipstick

Paper Flowers - Mauve Nude matte lipstick

Grave Digger - Rust matte lipstick

Spell Caster - Metallic Dark Brown matte lipstick

(Even the names are dope AF, come on)

I will say one thing, I don't mind spending a lot of money on make-up, but these bad boys really did make me think twice about ordering them because they are pretty damn expensive. Well, I didn't think £51.24 for a four-piece lipstick bundle was too bad, but I was not too pleased with the shipping of £11.18 on top of that, but these are from America so I kind of understand. What I was realllllllllly not happy about, and feel I should warn you if you decide to order these, I had to pay a bloody customs charge of £15.81... what the hell is all this mollarcy about?! I'm a student... bye bye food for the next month! It's a good thing I'm in loveeeee with this brand, kind of makes it worth it.

When they arrived and I took them out of the packaging, I swear my heart skipped a beat! A sticker fell out! It was such a cool sticker as well, basically just the Necromancy logo, but still awesome! Anyway, back to the products. The boxes are beautiful! Each side is different (as you can see in the cheeky photo below) and they even state on the packaging that the products are cruelty-free and vegan. I'm so happy about this because most products seem to have super tiny logos or print saying they're cruelty-free/vegan whereas Necromancy were like 'NO! WE'RE GUNNA SHOW THIS OFF' and right on yah! RESPECT THAAAAAAT!

Right, shall I actually start reviewing these little gems? The lipstick just glides on, but being a matte lipstick you instantly think 'oh my god, this is going to be SO dry'. HUNNY NO. YOU ARE WRONG. They are SO moist and hydrating that, tbh, you can hardly even tell you're wearing it! I can eat a whole meal, drink and all, even dab my mouth with a napkin and this lipstick will STILL look like i've just popped it on. Honestly, this lippy is ticking all the damn boxes! Evene taking them off is so easy, most matte lipsticks make you scrub for yonks to get them off, but this just glides off so smoothly and doesn't stain your lips or skin either! Just an all around winner!

Spell Caster

I'm such a big lover of dark lipsticks, as weird as it sounds, they make my lips feel bigger and bolder. My lips are naturally rather small, and it's not like I hate that, it's the fact I can't wear certain shades of lippy cause they will just make my lips look non-existent. Now I know a lot of people don't like wearing 'out there' and dark shades because 'it'll make my skin look pale' or 'it's too daring for me' MATE, IF YOU LIKE IT, WEAR IT AND DAMN OWN IT. Dark lippys are not as bad as people make out, if you ask me, they think they're pretty damn sexy. It's very rare you'll find me wearing anything other than a dark lipstick!

Ancient Queen

To be honest, I don't really know when I'm ever going to wear a gold lipstick, but I like having the option to haha. This shade is SUPER pigmented and strong that, even though it's PERFECT for fall and it's now winter, I'm probably going to end up wearing it on Christmas Day. Who needs a gold star on the tree when everyone could just look at the gold on my lips instead? HUNNY YES.

This shade would look INCREDIBLE with some gold glitter popped over the top for NYE, which, now writing it down, I'm deffo going to end up doing!

Paper Flowers

This is a more natural and calmed down tone from Ancient Queen and Spell Caster. This is such a lovely shade for a casual, day-to-day vibe! But, if you dress it up with a fleeky outfit and some popping eye makeup, then this shade can deffo work for a night out! (and if you pull, it wont be so obviously smudged all around your lips like the other shades would looool) I have a real soft spot for this shade as its not 'too' nude that you can't tell you're wearing it, but it's good for those days when you don't want to be too 'in your face, maybe for work or an interview perhaps.

Grave Digger

I know this shade is more on the red side, but it really reminds me of a pumpkin, this is definitely a Fall collection! Now, I've already said I basically have no lips and I can't wear certain shades (cough - red - cough) so I was super sceptical about this shade. However, this is more of an orangey-rusty shade which I'd never tried before and OH MY LORDY LORD, LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT. This is a super casual, really christmassy shade that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. With this shade I love having some simple eye makeup with a classic winged eyeliner, just a little bit bronzer though as I feel it clashes, but that's just me. YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT!

Any flaws?

The only flaw I can pick up on was the customs charge, but thats not Necromancy Cosmeticas fault at all! So, no I can't pick up on any flaws with these products! I think they're incredible!

What did I used before?

I often use Matte lipsticks. I primarily use LimeCrime and Too Faced (although Too Faced recently got bought by Estee Lauder so I stopped using this brand - BLOODY GUTTED.)

Are they cruelty-free/Vegan?

YES and they PROUDLY own this fact!

Would I buy these again?

WITHOUT A DOUBT (but next time I'll be prepared for the customs charge looool)

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