• Ellie Stennett

Are you RED-ay for Valentines Day?

Right, Valentines Day is on Tuesday (urgh) and for us singletons, watching loved up couples play tonsil-tennis across a restaurant table makes our breakfast rise quicker than you can scream BEING SINGLE SUCKS. My 2017 Valentines day plans include 2 baes, a bucket load of cocktails and scoffing a large popcorn while in awe at 50 Shades Darker. Perfect.

We all want to look nice, but Valentines Day can be stupidly expensive with presents, cards, dinner, drinks (probs some new undies, I dont know) so sometimes we want to find some affordable makeup to doll ourselves up with. I picked up a few of my favourite red lipsticks from cruelty-free and (some) vegan brands! They're all super sassy, sexy and affordable!

Ps- I knew when I promoted this blog post my mum would comment about her love for red lips. Yes, Mother, I did notice.

MUA Luxe Inked Matte Lip Stain - Watermelon - £4

Your classic Hollywood red shade. It is so soft and light when applying to your lips that you honestly think its too good to be true. Hold up, it gets better. It lasts ALL DAY. No joke, and for 4 squids, that's pretty banging in my eyes. Its Matte forumla is non-transferable and waterproof (I don't know what kind of dates you guys are having, so it's always good to go water proof) while at the same time creating an intensified watermelon red colour. Love it!

Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paint - Red My Lips - £4.99

I swatched this on my arm and it broke lol, the texture and substance is so incredibly soft and creamy making it very delicate. Formulated with shea butter and vitamin E, it glides on your lips so smoothly you forget that you're even wearing the lipstick. This is your more classic red, very romantic and adorable. The wear is not as long as the matte lipsticks, however the colour is super intense!

Lime Crime Velvetines - Wicked - £16.01

I wear this ALL the time! This shade is a lot darker than a normal red which adds some grungey vibes - right up my ally! This lipstick does not come off easily as well, meaning you can eat, drink, kiss, anything and it will hardly budge. Although, getting it off at the end of the night is difficult as it stains, leaving you with a very red mouth.

MUA Matte Lipstick - Scarlet Siren - £1

This one is for those who prefer a subtle approach. Maybe you don't want a fully daring lipstick, maybe you want your eye makeup to slayyyyyy. This matte lipstick is perfect for you in its everyday, wearable shades. They're extremely lightweight and glide on with ease. The wear is smashing and it can be built up to intensify the colour if you're feeling a cheeky change. Lets be honest, for £1 thats pretty dopeeeee!

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick - Diamond Life - £3

This one is not technically red, but this is for those who prefer darker shades (like me) but don't want a matte lipstick. This sophisticated berry red shade slides on with ease, perfect for when your dates had gone to the bathroom and you wanna quickly re-vamp the chompers. This shade can be really dressed up, or really casual. Personally, I'd go for the more casual vibes as, although it's a dark shade, the gloss effect is almost too cute to be sassy (hard to believe, I know.)

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Vampira - £16

This is another favourite of mine because it's a super dark shade. This is a perfect colour for those lass' who wanna show sass and empowerment through a statement lippy. It's a lot darker than Lime Crimes 'Wicked', but still looks cute when paired with simple smokey eye. The wear is incredible as well, it doesn't come off easily, peel, smudge or any of that malarkey - the perfect date lipstick!

What are your favourite valentines day lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

- E x

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