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Oi oi, guess who has found a new favourite branddddddd (I'm talking about me, don't get other any ideas.) BareFaced Beauty is completely out of this world in every aspect: Ethics, quality, quantity, price, communication, customer service, everythanggggg. They are a mineral makeup brand with strong ethics towards vegan, cruelty-free and organic products which are 100% natural. To be honest, I'm not even sure why you're still reading this post because you should definitely have left and checked out their website. I'll give you a minute to do so.

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You back? I hope your mind has been blown away, if not, I'll make it happen (with my words, I'm not a hitman, I swear.) My previous numbero uno brand was Two Faced... UNTIL these little (Sadly, I can't say the word I want to say here) got bought by Esteé Lauder... a company that DOES tests on animals. Two Faced can publicly announce on on Youtube how they "will never change. We promise you that we will never ever test on animals." and Esteé Lauder can claim to "have a deep commitment to the abolishment of animal testing," but they still sell products in China, where it is a legal requirement that imported cosmetics MUST be tested upon animals before sale. Therefore, they are automatically taken off the cruelty-free list.

BareFaced Beauty are Cruelty-free International (Leaping Bunny approved), PETA approved, as well as Vegan Society approved and Vegetarian Society approved. Their ethics are outstanding and I am so in awe about this. I got a range of products from BareFaced Beauty, and I'll tell you something that everyone likes to hear... they're not expensive at all, you can get 2/3 items for around £20 which is such a bargain! I did not expect the product size to be very big, I never really trust online shopping and this measurement malarky confuses me, but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised! The pots aren't huge, but the quality is so good that you don't need to use loads in one go.

Natural Mineral Shimmer - Golden Goddess - £6

I. LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT. It is a very fine, light-weight glittery powder which gives an extremely eye-catching glow to defined areas of your face, such as cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, neck and shoulders. It comes in two shades: Golden Goddess and Cupids Glow. I went for Golden Goddess because golden tones suit my complexion better than peachy ones (I will admit the Cupids Glow looks amazingly cute and I need to try it ASAP.)

With some highlighters, the coverage is not always even and can look heavy on the skin making it difficult for the light to reflect off of it, meaning your glow is at minimum effect, however, you do not get that with the Natural Mineral Shimmer as it is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores and is light on the skin. You really, really do not need a lot of this shimmer as it is pigmented AF and reflects the light without flaw. Other benefits of using this 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan product is it is waterproof. Caught in the rain? Crying over a waste of space boy? (you shouldn't be doing that anyway.) Doesn't matter cause your highlighter will not suffer! It is also alcohol free and contains natural heeling properties. It's just incredible. Without a doubt, 100% recommend to any of you extreme highlight lovers out there! I can see this being a product in my makeup bag forever.

Natural Mineral Foundation - Serenity - £10 (full size)

(Mineral foundation and Ultra Flawless Kabuki Brush)

I'm not going to lie, I was incredibly sceptical about trying out a powder foundation as I'm so comfortable using liquid foundations. Boy, was I mistaken. The Natural Mineral Foundation is unbelievably lightweight and is perfect for summer; it contains natural sun protecting properties and you don't feel like your face is plastered like some brands can do, like, I can actually walk around town without feeling like my foundation is going to crack and feel off loool. Also, the powder is so fine, it sits evenly on across your face, even in creased areas like around the nose and under the lip. You know you get some foundations that emphasis' blemishes and scars making them worse? (How annoying is that!) This powdered foundation is completely the opposite as it contains natural healing properties, it does not contain alcohol and is non-comedogenic, therefore it actually helps the skin improve.


Ultra Flawless Kabuki Brush - £10

I've never owned a brush so big before, so many bristles! This brush has been specially designed to work effectively with powders, such as the foundation and setting powder and the bristles hold on to the powder making full coverage basically guaranteed. There actually was a point where before I even used the foundation or setting powder I just rubbed this across my face for like 20 minutes straight because it was so soft...

Natural Mineral Finishing Powder - English Rose - £10 (full size)

Normally, I don't like using Finishing unless its under my eyes to stop my eye makeup smudging.The primary reason to use setting powder is for those who have oily skin, as it absorbs the oils, making your makeup sit and last longer, but I have dry skin, so powder isn't my thing as it makes my skin uncomfortable and stiff.

I read a lot about this product and how it is 100% natural, skin healing and sun protecting properties, alcohol-free, but the bit that caught my eye was the non-comedogenic (wont clog pores) as this was my issue and within 2 seconds I was applying it all over my mousey little face. IT FEELS LIKE NOUT. Like.. did I even apply it?! no heaviness, no dryness, comfortable and so fine, I really have a big, BIG, soft spot for this product. It kept my makeup in place all day, even my eye makeup didn't smudge which is a major issue for me! Love, love, loveeeee!

Natural Mineral Blusher - Athena - £6

Usually, I really can't stand blush. The idea of pink cheeks just reminds me of Pat from Easternders with her bright pink lippy and blue eyeshadow. Makeup police where you at?

However, I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new pink paradise. I went for Athena, the lightest shade in the collection as I didn't want to start off too pigmented. Once again, so lightweight you can hardly feel it upon your cheeks and its waterproof, so you don't have to keep touching it up. The colour is so subtle that it looks like the natural pink tones within your complexion, which, for someone who isn't a huge fan of blush, is spot on! The blush has multiple skin benefits, similar to the other face products, that is does not clog the pores, has natural healing and sun projecting properties, 100% natural and does not contain alcohol, so, in a sense, it actually helps to improve the quality of your skin, while still looking fleeky AF.

Natural Mineral Eyeshadow - Smokey Taupe & Jewel - £5 each

Smokey Taupe is a matte brown shade which I loveee. I've got a big place in my heart for matte natural shades and this one just ticks all the boxes. It blends so softly and evenly and words incredibly in the outer corners of your eye to add more depth and make the eye appear larger.

Jewel is a shimmery lilac shade. Usually, unless its a dark shade and on my lips, purple doesn't suit my completion and I wouldn't choose to use this shade on my eyes. However, the colour is so natural and subtle that it could almost class as a shimmery pink/nude tone which can add a little pizzaz to your eyelids for a more minimalist approach.

Full Coverage Concealer Brush - £5

Most brushes I uses with liquid products leave streaks, marks, brush strokes, ect, due to their brushes not being soft enough to blend, or they've trapped too much product in them very stiff, which is usually where a beauty blender comes in handy. NOT THIS TIME YOU LITTLE SPONGE. This brush is so delicate with its 100% synthetic bristles that is swoops across your face and blends concealer so evenly to create a natural, soft complexion. It works perfect for covering dark circles, blemishes, scars and redness. I have such an issue with dark circles under my eyes and with this, it blends my concealer so well, it's like they don't even exist!

Double Ended Line and Define Brush - £4

This brush it meant for eyeliners, however I used ink eyeliners as they work better for me, but I've been searching for an awesome brow brush for AGES and now I have this. All my previous ones have the synthetics fall out or become rough and unshaped after cleaning them. Can't trust anyone these days lol. This Double Ended Line and Define brush is perfect for shaping an filling brows, and if you make mistake, use the rounder end with a dab of concealer to fix the issue, and even after washing it doesn't lose is shape. Perfect.

All in all, I'm obsessed with this beautiful company and everything they produce. I want it all pls!

Have you tried any BareFaced Beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

- E x

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