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BH Cosmetics // Smokey Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set

Ello 'ello 'ello! I hope all you little muffins are all fine and dandy and enjoying this wonderrrrful weather we've been having, including the thunderstorms! Now, lets get to business...

We all love a good smokey eye, right? (if you said no then you're lying to yourself,) BUT there is nothinggg worse than trying to create this look with the wrong tools; it just will not work. You'll probably end up looking like a panda bear, but they're pretty cute, and you're all cute, so you'll look cute no matter what, but it's not the vibe we're going for.

BH Cosmetics released this Smokey Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set (£13 - to help everyone create that perfect smokey eye look! Personally, as much as I love playing with different eyeshadow combinations and styles, I'm pretty meh when it comes to creating a smokey eye because I never have the correct tools! My blending is all over the shop half the time, but since these little gems arrived at my door, it's been flawless blending ever since!

Collection Contains:

Large Diffusing Tapered Brush - A large blending brush.

Small Diffusing Tapered Brush - A precision blender.

Tapered Precision Brush - For precision eyeshadow application.

Eye Shader Brush - A classic eyeshadow brush.

Smudger Brush - Smudges eye products.

Eye Detailing Brush - For lash line detailing.

Bent Liner Brush - Defines the lash line.

While using the brushes, and obviously doing a classic 'ellie' of research, emails, questions, digging, ect, I learnt a few things about these brushes:

1. CRUELTY-FREE AND VEGAN: Obviously this is the most important quality here! The bristles are made from synthetic fibres, not animal fur like some brushes! BH Cosmetics are proud to be on the Leaping Bunny Approved list for cruelty-free products! It's a bit hard to find where it says this on the BH Cosmetic website, unless you scroll to the bottom to find one logo for Leaping Bunny... Nevertheless, these brushes are cruelty-free and vegan! And it is also stated on the back of the brushes packaging; I just kind of wish they'd be more TA DA about being cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny Approved. Being cruelty-free is an AMAZING thing, show it off!!

2. SO F**KING SOFT: They blend eyeshadows like melted (vegan) butter on hot toast and are softs as a baby bunny who's just had a bath!

3. Size CAN matter: To be honest, I thought they would be smaller, but I'm SO happy the handles are long and slimmer at the top, but gradually becomes wider towards the bottom, it makes precision blending and control so much easier to create that flawless finish!

4. Colour: Not going to lie, someone's said to me before BH cosmetics are cheap and tacky, but these brushes with there black handles and dark-natural coloured synthetic bristles are nothing less than sophisticated and sleek! Definitely look more pricey than they are!

5. Variety: There are a lot of brushes to assist in creating detail and smudging to perfection! The brushes have numbers on them to help you understand which brush to use next to create that effortless smokey eye, which is super helpful if you don't understand what each brush it meant to do... like moi.


There are flaws with every product, but this could be down to specification, the product itself or the person using it. In this case, I think mine is down to the person using it.

1. Dry eye: I get dry eyes VERY easily, meaning they water if something too rough has been used around my eyelids. This is a blood NIGHTMARE after I've applied eyeliner, I have to redo it like 900 times and it still waters! Although the brushes are so so so soft, the smaller brushes with bristles nearer the handle of the brush, such as the Smudger Brush, Eye Detailing Brush and the Bent Liner Brush, make my eyes water because the bristles are so compacted that it irritates my eyes and makes them water more than it should. Now, I could wash them and soften them up, but I'm not sure it will make much difference. So if you get dry eyes, I'd recommend staying away from these finer brushes, maybe another brand does softer ones? But the wider, larger brushes are almost too perfect for my eyes!

2. Bent Liner Brush: Again, this one is down to personal preference! I've never been a fan of doing my eyeliner with gel and a brush. I'm an eyeliner ADDICT, but I can never create that sharp line that could cut someone with gel liner, but found it effortless to create with a liquid eyeliner pen, which is why I find it so so so difficult to use this bent eyeliner brush. Given, because its bent an extremely thin, it does work well! But, I can get better results for my eyeliner with a liquid liner! Sorrrrrrrry x


I really, really recommend purchasing this brush set! Everyone needs to be able to create the damn perfect smokey eye look, whether you wanna look hot AF on a night out or you're just going for that sophisticated vibe with natural tones, YOU. NEED. THIS. SET. and for a price as LOW as £13 ( how can you say no to these soft as heck brushes?!

Have you got any new makeup brushes recently from cruelty-free and vegan brands?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

- E X

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