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Retro Throwback // LimeCrime Utopia Bundle - review and swatches

Helloooooo everyone! I hope you're all well and dandy on this fine Thursday evening! Little update, I got my final university grades back today and it's official; I will be graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Television Post Production! I'm so so so happpppy! Anyway, shall we get back to the real reason why you're here?

Not too long ago, Lime Crime released a limited edition collection, The Utopia Bundle (£34.37) which features three long lasting matte lipsticks in some extremely 'out-there' shades and my Lord are they stunning! A complete retro throwback!

Everything about these lipsticks is amazing, from the packaging it comes in (it's pink and theres a unicorn.. what's not to love?!) to the vanilla scent that lingers on your lips for hours after application!

If you're a common wearer of matte lipsticks, you understand how dry and crusty it can make your lips feel at times! If you're not that accustomed to wearing matte lipsticks and don't understand how this feels, here a meme to show you:

BUT, the Utopia Bundle does not do that! Inspired by rose petals, the matte lipsticks leave your lips feeling velvety and luxurious with minimal touch ups all day - even after eating - and are basically smudge proof after it has set! They wont bleed or transfer throughout the day which is amazing in the summer heat like we've been having!

ALL Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and vegan which is blummin' incredible! Such a high quality brand with ethical standards is so amazing to see and one of the very reasons it will, and always will be, one of my favourite brands for a variation of makeup products!

Check them out:

The collection includes three shades:

New Americana - Flame Red Psycho - Blazing Orange Utopia - Neon Orchid

New Americana

We all love a classic red lip, don't we? But, why not make it brighter! It is summer after all! This shade looks incredible as a statement lipstick, go for a basic outfit, blacks and whites, and simplistic makeup and then BAM, New Americana is the star of the show! Even Taylor Swift would be jealous.

The only issue I have with this shade, is my skin tone is faaaaaar too light for it! It really drains the colour out of my face as I am very pale. I think this shade would work a lot better and look a hell of a lot more sexier on a darker skin tone; I'm still going to wear it regardless, the things we do for love, ay'?


I only ever buy dark lipsticks, and for this I've had comments such as 'I thought you were a goth', 'you're like.. a hot goth', 'dark colours make you look scary', 'you need to wear more girly colours'... I WILL WEAR WHATEVER I LIKE THANK U V.MUCH.

BUT, on this occasion I did fall in love with a bright, very 'girly' shade. I have always, always, alwaysssss wanted an orange matte lipstick, but I've only ever searched for a peachy colour. Never once did I consider a neon orange, and I massively regret that. I am so obsessed with this shade! It's incredibly summery, compliments my complexion well and doesn't drain my skin, and it sits perfectly with almost every outfit, from everyday to dressy! I really recommend getting this shade if you're feeling a little more daring and colourful this summer!


I've always had a little soft spot for purple lipsticks, mainly darker shades like a plum, but this neon purple is such a simplistic, casual colour which, again, does not drown out my complexion and it looks sexy as hell on all skin tones! This looks fabulousssss when wearing a complete black outfit and you want to dress it up with a pop of colour! Unlike some coloured lipsticks, it also compliments a dark, smokey eye perfectly!

Overall, I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone to purchase this limited edition Utopia Bundle before Lime Crime stop selling it because that would be a crime within itself and I would be very displeased with you! And while you're on the Lime Crime website, check out all of their over ranges... THEY HAVE A MERMAID ONE BEING RELEASE SOON! and STUNNING hair dyes (which I will have a review and video on very, very soon!)

Have you tried any Lime Crime products? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

- E x

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