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Hello my little sugar plums! I hope you're all fabulous and enjoying this classic British summer! Nothing better than strawberries with a spot of rain! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in a while (feel like I'm saying that a lot recently!) I've been super busy with working at festivals and my graduation! But I'm back now and hopefully for a long, long, longggg time!

Everyone has been telling me for AGES to create a Youtube channel and start vlogging, but I've never been a person for in front of the camera, I'm far too shy for that! After many long, and extremely drunk, inspirational speeches from many friends, I decided to grow some balls (not literally) and make a Youtube video! I had nooooo idea what to do for a first video! But, then I realised when I launched my blog, I never did a How To Shop Cruelty-free or Vegan blog post, silly me! So, this is what I wanted to start my Youtube with!

NOW, I understand a lot of what will be said in my Youtube video will be covered (repeated lol) in this blog post, but for certain areas I can go into my detail and examples within the blog post compared to a video. (I will say this is the scariest thing I've ever done, and that includes having to deal little old lady have a go at me after I accidentally kicked her in the head when trying on shoes in Clarks) BUT HERES THE VIDEOS EVERYONES BEEN WAITING FOR:

Shopping cruelty-free and vegan can be incredibly difficult if you don't put in some major FBI style research. Brands can be snakey AF and lie through their teeth to make you believe their cruelty-free! It's f**king annoying! Personally, I follow FIVE rules to ensuring the brand is cruelty-free. These rules are:

1. They don't test on animals during and/or after the production process.

2. They don't contain any animal products in their products.

3. They aren't owned by a parent company.

4. They don't conduct any third party testing.

5. They don't sell their products to/in China. (Excluding Hong Kong)

If the brand passes all these to a satisfactory standard, then I'll purchase something from them, otherwise, they can hit the road. You got your balaclavas and 'bad-cop-good-cop' attitude ready my little munchkins? Take no bullsh*t, let's go:

(This one I forgot to mention in my video, BUT):


The one I trust most before even looking into a companies website, or even if I want try and shop with a new brand, is look on other cruelty-free and vegans bloggers youtube's, websites, instagram's, ect and see what they recommend. The most common I look on is Cruelty-Free Kitty (, their advice is super informative, extremely thorough research including emails and contacting the company, states which brands have a parent companies, it's updated regularly with new products and is overall amazing! Always my first step of research! I also have a little gander down the Leaping Bunny approved brands on their website ( for new brands to look at!


Usually if they're a loud and proud cruelty-free brand (and I don't know why some companies hide this fact!) then they will display it on their homepage, either at the top, or in a little PETA, LeapingBunny or CCF logo down in the corner somewhere. MOST cruelty-free and vegan companies do this, but not all.


If they don't state this on their website, go to the FAQS. There is a 99% chance there will be a cruelty-free/vegan/china related question. However their answers can be very blunt, unsatisfactory, untrustworthy or might not even be there at all, so don't always trust what you read. Sometimes, their answers are perfect and give you all the information you need which is FAB.


It is REQUIRED by LAW to test ALL imported beauty and make-up products on animals before sale in China. This is one that catches a LOT of people out who think they have found a cruelty-free brand, but when they actually realise they sell in China, they're automatically not cruelty-free, so pleaseeee do your research before purchasing brands that you've been told are cruelty-free because so many people forget about the Chinese importing law! Some things to remember though:

1. ONLINE SHOPPING DOESN'T COUNT. Products are only tested on animals if they are physically sold within the country.

2. Just because the product is made in China, doesn't mean it isn't cruelty-free. They can be made within the country without being test on animals. It's only when it comes to being sold in the country is where the law applies. BUT, this does not apply to all manufactures, so please research into this!


Personally, I always send emails because I like to hear personal responses from the information team for the company, not the one content designers or PR people have put up to make their company look better. It's better to have confirmation in writing which you can pull them up on if you discover their lying, or question them about if it contradicts something on their website. (I currently sound like one of those crazy girlfriends who constantly thinks their boyf is lying so they drop the bomb of 9000 'where have you been, who with, what bar, who's that girl, why you home so late' questions) - I promise I'm not actually like that. I swear.


OMG this one annoys me. I ALWAYS find an amazing brand, then discover they're owned by a parent company that tests on animals which automatically makes them not cruelty-free in my eyes. Problem with parents companies is you can see them as a good thing, or a bad thing.

Good: You're giving money to a company that doesn't test on animals opposed to their other companies that do.

Bad: No matter where you spend money, it's all going back to that parent company that tests on animals and possibly uses that profit money to test on animals.

These are just a couple of brands I found which are cruelty-free, but their parent companies are not.


BASICALLY, you find an amazing brand who claims their cruelty-free because they don't test their products or use ingredients which have been testing on animals in their products... and they're right... they don't... another company does it for them. SNEAKY. The only way to find this fact out though, is really by emailing the company and asking them flat out.

So, I think thats all the advice I've gathered from my experience shopping cruelty-free and vegan, and anything I've read or seen dotted around the internet about cruelty-free and vegan. I hope that ties it up in a nice neat bow for you and maybe helps you shop a bit wiser and eagal-eyed when it comes to a kinder make-up bag!

I hope you also enjoyed my video! More to come! Please hit LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!

Until next time,

-E x

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