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Well, hello my little sugar plums! It's been a while, hasn't it?! (I feel like this is how I start every blog post now haha)

GUESS WHO RELEASED A COLLAB?! Youtuber SOPHDOESNAILS! (In caps that really looks like Soph-Doe-Snails haha) with MAKEUP REVOLUTION! Admittedly, it has been out for a few weeks now and I'm a wee bit behind, but better late than never I guess?

I created a fall look using these palettes, as shown at the bottom the page via my face on my youtube video obvs, feel free to give it a watch! The swatches in it are horrific ... hence why I took better photos on this blog post looolihatemyselflooool

The Soph x Makeup revolution collection includes 1 X 24 pan eyeshadow palette and a 1x 8 pan highlighter palette (see photo belowwwww, be warned... they may be too pretty to look at)

The reason I was so hyped for this collab was because, not only is SophDoesNails my favouriteeeee youtuber, but Makeup Revolution is also cruelty-free! They also do not have a parent company, they do not sell in China and they do not conduct any third party testing... shall I just pop the party poppers now or?

WAIT FOR IT! It gets BETTER! The Soph x Makeup Revolution palettes are CRUETY-FREE and VEGAN! RELEASE THE BALLOONS AND PARTY POPPERS! This information is stated on the Tambeauty and Superdrug websites.

Shall we get to the review? I think yes.


I got both items within this collection from the Tambeauty website on the day it was released. The eyeshadow palette was £10 and the highlighting palette was £8... Can we take a second to appreciate how AMAZING those prices are?! I was forking out £41/£42 for ABH products when this was only £18 for both! The prices are still the same on the Tambeauty website, as well as on the Superdrug website!


There is a consistent theme running throughout both palettes, which is the soft nude, pink packages with rose gold metallic font. I will admit, this palette was released after summer so I felt it could have been more of an 'autumn-colour-vibe', but I soon changed my mind on this after seeing the eyeshadow and highlighter pans inside. I've always been a huge sucker for rose gold anything so these palettes were just making my heart melt before I even owned them!

Inside the cardboard packing, both of the palettes are made of plastic with the same nude pink colour. The plastic doesn't feel cheap or thing therefore it protects the pans well from easy breaks! HOWEVER, just before writing this blog post, I looked at my highlighting palette and the plastic window on the front has cracked and it's only been sat in my draw, so that kind of sucks - the pans are in tact though! Thank heavens!

The back of the eyeshadow palette, and the packaging, has a clear image of all 24 eyeshadow pans so you can have a look before opening the item - this is really helpful for those who are indecisive on the product (which I don't think you should be because it's amazing...) and want to look at the item properly without actually opening it!

Eyeshadow palette

I will never get over the fact this cost me £10! As soon as you open the palette, and be careful, because a name slip will fall out, but the fact SophDoesNails has taken the time out to name each one, and the reason behind them is explained in her video (linked here) has such a personal touch!

The shade range is unbelievable. You look at the palette and you see the cute natural shades, couple of earthy toned shimmers then BAM you get this striking purple?! Shimmery dark green?! Bold AF pinks?! And you think to yourself what an earth are they doing in there?! Then you remember who made the palette... and it all falls together. SophDoesNails isn't afraid to be a little daring with here makeup choices, and this is reflected within this palette, which is why she's such a inspiration to me and many other makeup lovers. The shade ranges can make a HUGE variety of looks from cute date night vibes to grungy 90's vibes, from christmas festive to summer glam!

Highlighter palette

£8 for eight highlighters... thats basically £1 a highlighter... SophDoesNails is NOT messing around when it comes to putting her love for high-quality drugstore into these palettes! The pans are pretty damn huge, and deep as well, meaning you will get a lot of use out of these bad boys!

Four of the highlighters are pressed, which I found to be the more natural, subtle highlighters. Whereas the other four are baked highlighters, which seemed to be the more 'daring' shades. I'm guessing the reason the more 'daring' ones are baked is because baked makeup, including eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, ect allow more pigment due to less talc. The baked highlighters also feel, and look, extremely velvety compared to the pressed ones. NOW, I know people are looking at this highlighter palette and thinking F**k me when am I ever going to wear that purple or pink - they are not as striking as you think, as shown by my swatches, they can be build up depending on how eye catching you want those shades.

SWATCHESSSSS aka Quality - Eyeshadow

Let's just say this - I can do my makeup at 11am on a Saturday for work in a busy restaurant, and by 9:30pm after running around sweating and being attacked by the steam from a glasswash, it still looks like I just applied it. No fading, no flaking, no coming off. The pigment is unbelievable on every shadow, and that is without using setting spray to intensify the pigment.

(I did only swatch a few because there are so many and I don't have slenderman arms of the artistic skills that some people have lol)

They blend like no other palette I've tried before. If you make a mistake, the eyeshadow isn't being a stubborn b**ch and not moving, it's almost apologetic and blends flawlessly.

I will admit, with some shades there is a little bit of fall out, but not nearly enough as other palettes I own. This is primarily with the matte shades more than the shimmers as the shimmers are extremely creamy and smooth. My favourite shade, Grow Old, is a shimmer, but compared to the other shimmers it has almost largely flakes of glitter within it? These tend to flake off a little when first applying, but as the texture is so creamy, it can be packed down and blended out so the flakes so not fall off your eyelid!

SWATCHESSSSS aka Quality - Highlighter

I love how buildable these highlighters are! If you want a subtle glow or a completely in your face 'I'm the start of the show' kind of glow then you can achieve both with this palette. The highlighters blend so easily, especially the baked ones, so you're not left with a strong streak of highlighter (urgh I hate that) and the glow looks almost natural!

There is not a lot of fall out with these highlighters, except one (I found anyway) - when swatching I found there to be a lot of excess powder that was falling out from the last highlighter within the palette. Sad Face.


To be honest, I can't really find any fault with these palettes other than a tiny bit of fall out with some of the pans. OH! and the fact the plastic window on the highlighter cracked so it might be thinner than the plastic casing used?


Overall, I'm totally obsessed with these palettes. I used them every single day, kind of feel like I'm cheating on my other make up palettes...oops! I just honestly can not get over the fact that they are cruelty-free, vegan, affordable and SUCH a good quality! I really hope in the future SophDoesNails releases more collabs, especially with Makeup Revolution because I will be first in line to buy them!


If you guys didn't already know, I have a Youtube Channel where I review cruelty-free and vegan bits and bobs! Please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! I'll appreciate it so so so much! Here is my video reviewing the Soph x Makeup Revolution palette and a fall inspired tutorial:

Thank you for reading and (hopefully) taking 12 minutes out of your day on top of this to watch my Youtube video! I appreciate all the love and support so so sooo much!

Until next time,

-E x

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