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Hello and welcome back to my blog! I hope you're all having a fab day today! SO, Barry M has recently launched a pretty juicy product and we're all going a little gaga over it! High end liquid highlighters need to take a step back and make room for the real MVP in town -

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops! They are the newest highlighters from Barry M and oh momma are they blindinggggg!

I spotted these little gems a while back on Instagram and I was counting down the days for their release date (Yes, I am that person.) They retail for only £6.99 each!! There's people forking out £30+ for ICONIC or Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid highlighters and we've got our very own drugstore brand for a fraction of the price and just as stunning! They're available on the Barry M website, ASOS, Superdrug and Boots! These metallic chrome highlighters are made with light reflecting pearls to reflect the light, almost effortlessly!

Barry M is cruelty-free which is flipping incredible! They also do not have a parent company and do not sell in China (anymore! Yay!) BUT, want to know the best part? These Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops are also VEGAN! You heard that right, V-E-G-A-N! I found this out through the Barry M website, under the product ingredients it will say whether the product is vegan or not by a little logo, pour example:


Now lets get to the good stuff! There are five shades within this collection so you are bound to find one which suits your skin tone, complexion or general style! This is actually my favourite part of the highlighters is how varied the shades are even though they do not seem it - you've got some daring shades, for example Moon Potion and Precious Pearl, which also seem perfect for those of a pale skin tone (lol me) and then you've got the more subtle, natural highlighters such as At first light, Liquid Fortune and Beam Me Up (my favourite!) which can be more suited for those of a darker skin tone - BUT saying that, wear them however you want in any which way you want because that's what I do as the range is so versatile on skin tones!

Moon Potion - A pearly highlighter with blue undertones

At First Light - A cool toned pink highlighter

Beam Me Up - A light gold highlighter

Precious Pearl - Pearly highlighter with pink undertones

Liquid Fortune - A bronze / dark rose gold highlighter


Firstly, these look luxurious as hell and I am loving it! Somehow Barry M have combined their classic staple of glass products (eg, their nail varnishes) and made them so classy! They really do as a sense of sophistication to my makeup table! Be care with the glass bottles though as they break easily! I ordered mine from ASOS and they sent me a broken bottle and I, sadly, cut my thumb on it *insert tiny violin music*


On the packaging it states that these can be used "on its own for an intensely radiant highlighting effect or add drops into your favourite highlighter for an overall glow." The only shades I would ever consider using these with my foundation is Beam Me Up for an overall natural glow or Liquid Fortune if I've faked tanned and wanted to darken my foundation a little with an added glow! I would not recommend using Moon Potion mixed with your foundation as it has blue undertones so you would probably end up with an Avatar vibe.

They can be applied onto any area of skin, cheek bones, brow bone, nose, cupids bow, collar bone, legs, body, ect. If you want that area of skin to glow, do it!

The product comes with a pipet, which make sense to the 'drop' element of the name. However, I find these highlighters to be so pigmented and creamy that a little goes a looooong way! Therefore, when using the pipet I found that too much product came out which left my face rather sticky. I apply mine by taking the pipet out of the bottle and using a brush/beauty blender to pick up some of the excess highlighter left around the pipet and applying it straight to my skin. This wayI have more control of the amount of product and where I want the product to be.


The texture of each highlighter does vary depending on the shade. I found the more daring shades, Moon Potion and Precious Pearl, to be very liquidy (yes I know that's not a word) and faint so the intensity of the blue/pink can be built up. Whereas, I found Beam Me Up, Liquid Fortune and At First Light to a lot thicker and a little harder to blend out.

The thicker the highlighter, I found the quicker it collected around the neck of the bottle and almost went chalk like/crusty? This was common on Liquid Fortune and At First Light, but not so much with Moon Potion or Precious Pearl!


The only downfalls of these products I can really find are:

1. The product dries quickly around the top of the bottle and doesn't look very pretty, so the packaging is rather high maintenance. I guess that comes with the luxurious standard I guess! Just need to give it a little wipe whenever it's looking particularly crusty!

2. If you used too much product it can feel, oily/sticky? so just be a little careful of the amount. 3. it does not work amazing with powder highlighters. It kind of turns into an unbendable paste. Normally I use liquid highlighters as a base for powders so they are more durable through out the day, but these highlighters are not a fan of that!


Overall, I really love these highlighters. I think the price is abosuletly amazing for such a high quality product! The pigmentation and glow of these is so intense, and if you try them then you will what I mean by a little goes a LONNNNG way! It is annoying having to constantly clean the tops, but worth it for a nice, clean, pretty product!

But, best of all, Barry M has proven to us, and make up brands everywhere, that you can have an amazing, high quality, high quantity product at an affordable price that is ethically correct! No animals were harmed!! I would deffo buy these again!

Want to see my full tutorial, swatches and demo of the highlighters? Check out my Youtube video! And while you're there, hit that subscribe button to see more of my videos!

Have you tried the Barry M Liquid chrome Highlighter Drops? Let me know in the comments below on your thoughts!

Until next time,

- E x

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