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Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a blog post, but what better time to start than when we’re all locked in doors! Today I’m going to be reviewing a selection of products from a beauty brand that is sweeping shops with their sustainable and natural mission to revolutionise beauty products! Are you ready?

Beauty Kitchen is a sustainable beauty brand that offer cruelty free and mostly vegan products. Some of their products are not vegan because they contain beeswax. These products are:

  • Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

  • Abyssinian Oil Handbag Beauty Balm

  • Raw Inventions Eco Glitter Balm

  • Our Natruline lip balm - there is a vegan alternative to this (see review below)

Beauty Kitchen use natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and are Leaping Bunny certified! Jo Chidley, who won a number of awards for her out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas for sustainability, founded Beauty Kitchen. Jo designed and launched 'Return · Refill · Repeat', the world's first closed loop solution for beauty packaging. When you return your empties to Beauty Kitchen, they wash and reuse them for full circle sustainability. If you don’t want to send your empties back, you can pop into one of 1000 Holland and Barrett stores and drop-off your empties in their, or use a Beauty Kitchen refill station to top your products back up! We have one in Southampton slap bang in the entrance and it’s amazing!

Not only this, but Beauty Kitchen donate 2% of sales to their charity partners, including Plastic Soup Foundation, The Seahorse Trust and other sustainable causes.

I was very kindly sent some of their 'The Sustainable' range including body wash, soap bar, body cream and lip treatment. Keep reading for a full review!

Organic Vegan Body Cream – Fragrance free

This organic and vegan body cream is full of sustainably sourced ingredients, like organic aloe vera and shea butter, and comes in a variety of four scents, including Botanical Bliss, Citrus Burst, Fragrance Free and Minty Fresh! I have been testing out the fragrance free body cream, which is designed for those with sensitive skin!

Price: £8! On first glance, the bottle is very tall and thin, and for a cream that is designed for your whole body, you think ‘no way is that worth £8, it’s going to run out so quickly’… wrong. A little goes a SERIOUSLY long way with this product. I use two pumps after I get out of the shower and that covers both my legs and feet, and another two pumps for my upper body and arms.

Sustainability and packaging: The body cream is vegan, SLS free, paraben free, cruelty free, organic, and zero waste because it comes in sustainable packaging with a reusable aluminium bottle, rock paper labels and recyclable pump – just incredible. The body cream is part of the Return.Refill.Repeat scheme as well so if you run out, you can send it back to get a refill!

Product: The body cream is on the thinner side of consistency so it goes even further. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin, and it absorbed really quickly so I wasn’t left pacing up and down waiting for it to dry and could actually get dressed as normal – great if you’re in a rush, but want to add some hydration to your skin before you go anywhere!

One of the main things I love about this product is how it doesn’t go all weird and gloopy around the pump, like a lot of moisturisers do when they’re exposed to air for too long. It’s really gross, but the Organic Vegan Body Cream didn’t do that once!

I find with a lot of moisturisers that after it’s applied and soaked into the skin, my skin can feel a bit itchy? Not in an allergic reaction kind of way, just a way that makes me think ‘the ingredients in this should not be on my skin...’ kind of way. HOWEVER, as the Organic Vegan Body Cream is 100% natural and has no fragrance, my skin has been loving it and hasn’t been irritated once!

Issues: For cold winters and for people with very dry skin, it may be a little bit too thin and not moisturising enough. It's very nice for all other seasons. I'd love to see a thicker version of this moisturiser for those with more dry skin.

Organic Vegan Body Wash – Botanic Bliss

This sustainable body wash is packed full of organic coconut and sunflower oil to leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Again, it has the same four scents to pick from as the Organic Vegan Body Cream.

Price: £8 and a much larger bottle than the Organic Vegan Body Cream so you feel like you get more for your money. Plus, £8 for a Body Wash that’s helping to save the planet? That’s such a bargain!

Sustainability and packaging: The body wash, same as the Organic Vegan Body Cream, is vegan, SLS free, paraben free, cruelty free, organic, and zero waste because it comes in sustainable packaging with a reusable aluminium bottle, rock paper labels and recyclable pump.

I leave my body wash in the shower, and normally with products that have labels on them, when it comes to in the shower the label usually gets wet and peels off. Not with this product, that bad boy is still stuck on the reusable bottle and there are no signs of peeling!

Product: Ok. First thing I have to mention is the smell. When I first used the body wash in the shower I was very stressed from work and all the COVID-19 news. I popped the product on my sponge and started washing my shoulders and neck and, without thinking, I took a deep breath and felt instantly calm. It was then I realised the body wash includes ‘all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, like organic coconut and organic sunflower oils, plus eucalyptus, may chang and rosemary essential oils’ which help to clean your skin and calm your mind. Honestly, I felt instantly calm. It was an amazing feeling. I mainly use this body wash for when I shower in the evenings or after a stressful day at work, because it helps me sleep better (which sounds off, but it seriously does.)

The body wash scrubs into a nice lather and you do feel really clean after you wash it off, it’s like you skin can got a new lease of life and you’ve had a nice deep clean!

Issues: After I’ve washed off the body wash, my skin feels a little dry rather than silky smooth, but that’s the only flaw I can find for me.

Organic Vegan Soap Bar

The Organic Vegan Soap Bar is bursting with natural vegetable oils for soft, clean skin. It can be used on your face, body or hands. I got the citrus burst, which is packed full of Zesty and fresh scents such as grapefruit, orange and lemon.

Price: £5, which I think is on the more reasonable side for soap. I’ve had a little search around the Holland and Barrett website and most other branded soaps seem to go for £4.99 - £6.99. so I think £5 is a fair price for what you get!

Packaging and sustainability: Completely plastic free! There is a little stamp on the front to confirm that this product does not contain any plastic of film packaging! The packaging is made with 100% recycled cardboard and the colouring for the packaging and writing is printed using 100% vegetable ink! Plus, the bright peachy pink/orange is so appealing! Probably my favourite of all the scent colours!

Product: The soap bar comes with the sweetest little imprint of the Beauty Kitchen logo and slogan, which is a nice little reminder of what a great brand you’re using – which I love!

The scent ‘Citrus Burst’ is a great natural mood booster! I mainly use this soap when I shower in the morning because it gives me an energy boost, plus leaves me smelling citrusy fresh all day! The packaging says you can use this on your face, which I’ll be honest I haven’t tried yet, but on hands and body it’s a winner! It also lathers nicely and does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh!

Issues: Same as a body wash; I find that it left my skin feeling slightly dry after! But not a major issue because I often moisturise as soon as I get out of the shower anyway.

Natruline Vegan Lip Treatment

Basically a dupe of Vasaline, except without all the animal cruelty and nasty ingredients! It is 100% natural and 0% petroleum designed as a quick fix for dry lips.

Price: £2.99 - For a lip bam/treatment in general, this is more on the expensive side (I'm basins this off own brand lip balms and Vasaline), but for a cruelty free and vegan natural ingredient lip balm thats a great price!

Packaging and sustainability:These tins are made from 100% recycled tinplate, and can also be recycled with the rest of your metals! It's a similar, if not the same, size as a Vaseline tin so very compact and portable!

Product: A lot of people actually came to me when I first posted this product on my Instagram stories and said it was really drying and made their lips worse. I didn't find this to be true. I've had lip balms that has made my already chapped and sore lips feel horrible, but this Naturline vegan lip balm added a really hydrating, moisturising layer to my lips which actually lasted throughout a whole food shop and travel home before I put another layer on - I think that's pretty good! It say's on the website that it's meant to protect lips for up to 8 hours, which I don't think it does or that many lip balms can do that to be honest, but I do think my lips were able to breath better than a petroleum-based lip balm alternative, allowing them to heal in their own time.

Issues: Does it fix my dry lips? No. my lips are still a little dry and a sore (disclaimer: I haven't been drinking enough water recently, which is why) but the product does help to protect my lips from getting worse, therefore I think it does the job well! Also, as mentioned above, it doesn't last 8 hours.


Overall I really like all the products I've tried. I think they showcase perfectly that beauty does not have to cost the planet. I'm mainly obsessed with the refillable aluminium packaging for the body wash and body cream, it's a fantastic idea!

Question is: Would I buy them again? I would, however I do feel like there are better lip balms out there, but as a vegan alternative to Vaseline and protecting your lips it's a good product.

Have you tried any Beauty Kitchen products? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

- E x

These items gifted items. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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